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Ladies if you can also add one more thing a small quote saying how has trey or his team inspired you?

On: Apr 10, 2011

Just to give u ladies a push, don't be shy.... I first would like to say I appreciate the TreysAngels and all of the crew members forr having patience and being able to deal with Millions of girls all over the world. I really commend them for that. Next I wanna thank Trey Songz for not giving up for believing in himself and continuing to evolve into a better man. I wanna thank him for his love and recognition, for continuing to show all of his fans love because he knows where he started. I wanna lastly thank the Angel Fam for supporting the College Angel account and all of the encouragement and love we recieve. Becoming a Angel had been a great decision and creating the College Angels account was even greater!

On: Apr 07, 2011


On: Mar 16, 2011

I hit u on twitter but no response so @Neversons_Angel

On: Mar 14, 2011
Replied To: ANNIVERSARY (Blog)
On: Mar 14, 2011
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Young girl in college majoring in nursing. Huge Fan Of Trey Songz! I know a lot of females say they're a number one fan but if im not number one Im close to it! I watch his performances EVERY NYTE B4 I GO TO sleep. lol Not A groupie tho jus a fan. Love to hear Him Sing,talk,perform, etc. He is sexy indeed! Support Him 100%! I have been to see him EACH AND EVERY TIME HE CAME TO THE DMV SINCE LAST YEAR when i got my whip and had money to support him w/o asking people. I road the train throughout DC alone got lost to go get a HIV test so i could win tickets to the Birthday Bash. I am the owner of twitters @College_Angels. He followed us on 02/25/11. I met Trey Soongz on 02/12 because of the Love Faces video contest. I am a true fan and supporter. I love my Angel family and would love to meet some of them in my area. Personal twitter name is @Neversons_Angel. Being a Treys Angel is honoring. My Angel name from twitter is B'Dazzled Angel =) My real name is Angel McNeill.
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