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Wat up it's ya girl Candi bka Neyney. To stop any future drama let me just let you know I don't take shit from anyone. Don't bring drama my way because I don't want to deal with it AT ALL. I shouldn't have to waste my precious time and energy on something that is pointless and doesn't help me in any way,shape, or form. Got it? Good. Now you may continue :).... Disrespect & Hatin are just ways to show you still thinkin bout me so i dont care but don't let me catch you doin it. For all my supporters and friends love yall to death and would do anythin for yall. I kno usually I'm jus laid back and might say somethin random, but its usually funny so idc.I love to laugh and jus have a good time no matter what, it's just the way I am. I love to dance,it's my passion. It will be my profession soon. Naw but forreal show love,thats all i ask.Dont swagga jack either!!! Get the hell off my swagg too, im one of da baddest chicks you'll ever kno... if you get the chance to kno me that is hehe <3
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