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Well im a trey fan maybe not his #1 but I still like him and his music. My skin color is light brown and i have a nice lenght in hair, which is dark brown, and im thick but losing weight. I like the way trey`s music makes me feel. It makes me feel like i dont just love trey`s songs but it makes me feel in love woith him, but i just set back and relize i cant just love or fall in love with a person because of their singing, but because of the way they make you feel. For a woman in a relationship she has to actually understand a man before she gets into one, and also love herself. My opinion about relationships is that their about trust, love, and respect. Im a loving, sensitive, caring, but also smart woman. Trey if you dont mind me calling that if you`re reading this i just hope you like it. and for every other show or performance i just want you think about this(Good luck and be you no matter what haters think). Give me a shout out when you can and i would be very happy and thankful.
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