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cool! I just moved here 3 months ago. So far I'm liking it but it sucks that Trey isnt coming this way on his next tour. Has he come to Washington state on his previous tours?

On: Oct 27, 2012

=( i'm sorry to hear about your condition.. i can't say "i know your going through" because i dont... i havent had first hand experience with myself or a family member haveing the health conditions you have, but i do know what its like to have a mother sick with other illnesses. I will be praying that you [and you daughter] make a full recovery and get the treatments you need!! stay strong and know you have Trey's Angels here praying for you!!

On: Mar 07, 2011

Thanks ladies! I've added u on twitter! Hope everyone had a good christmas (if u celebrated)

Replied To: I'm a new Angel =) ()
On: Dec 26, 2010

welcome to the Angel family

On: Dec 22, 2010

welcome to the family! i'll be adding you on twitter.

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On: Dec 22, 2010
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