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On: Oct 11, 2011

I have a suggestion. I think Trey Songz should come out with a fragrance line for women entitled Jupiter Love. I think he should do a nationwide search for an angel that would appear in the vad campaign with him. Like asking the angels to describe a Jupiter Love or contest for the look of the bottle something like that. Just a thought.

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On: Feb 15, 2011
On: Feb 15, 2011

Hello Trey Songz Community,

I have a quick suggestion for Trey. I went to the fan signing today in Lansing, IL for his Chicago show. It was a bit cold outside and there was a line of fans inside and a long line of them outside. The people outside had to wait for quite a bit because the lucky winners of the jump the line contest were being greeted first before he actually started signing autographs. I'm not complaining about that just noting that the wait time increased. My suggestion would simply be that if he has fans waiting in the cold or heat or what not, that maybe he just provide them with some hot drinks or if the summer cold drinks. That way people outside are kept happy and motivated and they feel even more like he cares about them. Just an idea.

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On: Dec 04, 2010
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