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Us being together... and sex!

On: Jan 06, 2010

I lik yo side of the bed, neighbors know my name, and sticky face lol :)

On: Jan 06, 2010

I'd bring him love. i'd listen tohim talk and try to give the best answer. I'd be everything he wants in a girl. I'd cook, clean, love him right, everything. (SIGH) If i only had a chance. I know i can be hisd lover. I f i only had a chance :(

On: Jan 06, 2010

About two weeks ago i had a dream he took me to his house and did what ever he wanted to do with me:)

On: Jan 06, 2010

I love the one on his chest

On: Dec 30, 2009
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I'm 26, live in Atlanta and is one of Trey Songz buggest fans. I love going to the beach. I have jet black hair that comes right pass my shoulders, i have black eyes,and i'm light brown. I'd love to sit down and hve a long talk with Trey. That would be wonderful.