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these last few videos have the best storyline. i love whomever is directing them. Trey is sexy as ever very well put together. *In my Gina voice*, "YOU GO BOY!"

On: May 05, 2012

@ninagallow--sorry i been M.I.A. school, children, spouse....duty calls. I'm still emotionally in love with Trey though! Hey ladies!!!!

On: Mar 29, 2012

I have no doubt that there are angels who are doing a good deed for a good cause rather than get recognition. I just wanted everyone (good or bad intent) to realize the purpose behind giving doesn't mean you have to show others that you are giving. Call it my rebellious/devil's advocate moment. I just want people to know that when you help a person, a family, or whomever, you don't always have to record for Trey's recognition, but although sexy and handsome that he is...Jesus's approval is worth more.

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On: May 01, 2011

It only takes one person with one good heart that can change many lives. Start with the people around you who you know are going through something terrible. Family, friends, neighbors, church members, then the community. If you get a paycheck...10% can change someone's life. "The Church" is where 2 OR 3 people are gathered in the name of Jesus.

Replied To: Angels with Heart missions...Go in Peace (Forum topic)
On: Apr 30, 2011

well indeed let me be the first: @ninagallow
My granny lives in Philly and my dad lives in Pittsburgh.Good to know people in other places. Can't say I'll ever visit up there due to the fact I hate cold weather, but good to meet you.

Replied To: CALLING ALL ANGELS (Forum topic)
On: Apr 28, 2011
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