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I don't know but I have gave up hope on my follow from Trey

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On: Jul 10, 2011

Ok I am starting to think Jasmine might know a little more than everybody think. Oh yea Trey is playing Essence for a fool

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On: Jul 04, 2011

that hoe is crazy

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On: Jul 03, 2011

facebook tanishia simms
twitter @NishiaLuvTrey

On: Jul 01, 2011

@QuietStorm some of the Angels did say some things about the pic of her and Trey. Alot Angels on my TL was saying that he could do better. I guess word got back to her so she called us some twitter hoes. My opinion of the stitution is this I don't think she is ugly although I do think Trey can do better but who am I to judge If Trey like it I love it lol. Pretty much all of the angels was thinking the same thing. No one never said we wanted them to break up. As far as Jess goes she shouldn't let what everybody else has to say about them get to her only she and Trey know what they have.

On: May 30, 2011
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