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My "Simply Amazing" Valentine's Day would be just that..."Simple". I'm in college and I don't get to see family as often as I would like to. So forget the material stuff, it would be simply amazing for me to be with my folks, the people who love me for me.

On: Feb 13, 2013

The show was amazing! I wish he would've sung Bad Decisions, but I was so happy he sung Fumble. It was also my first Trey Songz concert and I'll never forget it, that man knows how to put on a show ;) Glad you had fun girl!

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On: Dec 02, 2012

CHITOWN! Got my tickets too :)

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On: Nov 06, 2012

YESS! Got my tickets for CHICAGO! I'm so ready! I got good seats and its gonna be a good time :)

On: Nov 01, 2012

DEC. 1ST!!! ChiTown baby :)

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On: Oct 11, 2012
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