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datz wasssup ill def have to check him out
if not for the show but tee has me convinced to just
watch his striptease lol

Replied To: IS TREY A GOOD PERFORMER???? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011

@ S Shorty
yea i feel you your rite but im sure they dnt see their families as often as theyd like so the temptation must b outta dis world

i guess when it comes to something like that you just gotta hope ur that one lucky one that actually gets to talk to them it sux but dats how it is

Replied To: I DONT LIKE... (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2010

girlplz spare the drama if u dnt like tthe subject then there is a red x at the top of ur window...USE IT!!!!!!!

Replied To: I DONT LIKE... (Forum topic)
On: Nov 09, 2010

COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) : i do agree i too love the back in the day trey too but you have to realize that as an artist hes gonna want to reach out to different audiences. If u think about it when u first heard trey his music was mainly on black media but now u see him in the more contempory stream as well its a hard balance and i think hes been doing pretty well managing

Replied To: I DONT LIKE... (Forum topic)
On: Oct 29, 2010

I feel like it showed his realness and the fact that he isnt perfect. Hes only human too. And BTW in case you didnt know crabs isnt even classified as an STD u can get it from a lot of common areas like beds and toliets etc.

On: Aug 15, 2009
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