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Uriel - Actually I WASN'T responding to your comment when I said:

"Fan does not equal girlfriend."

That statement is general and one that I stick by and actively promote not just on this site but also on twitter and in some of our FB groups where it is clear that some of us have either taken it way too far or have crossed the line. Because you do not know me as most of the Angels and fans on this site and the others do, I can see why you THOUGHT I was speaking directly to you when in fact I was not. I am a grwon woman , if I want to say something to you I will say it directly to you so that there are no confusions, and I would do it respectfully. that IS my track record both on this site and the others. believe me I am the realest you will meet so going forward you never have to wonder if i am referring to you because if I was, you would know it.

Also I do NOT hate Lauren London, or anyone else walking this Earth for that matter and with your snap judgement and response to my other statement about what I don't like that women do, it is clear that YOU really do not know me and have already pre-judged so let me make it clear for you:

I do not care for Lauren London I have my reasons, I am entitled, it is MY opinion nor do I feel obligated to continue debating it. I do think she is beautiful and very talented but I stand behind my statement that I don't like it when women who could CLEARLY get it on their own, choose not to and take the easy route by doing things or portraying themselves in a manner that depicts them as gold diggers. That goes for her or ANY woman.

As I stated a few paragraphs back. You don't know me, and you don't know who or what I know, nor am i saying I know anything and even if i did i certainly wouldn't broadcast it because it is not my business or place to do so; however everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I respect your's and in turn please respect mine.


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On: Feb 20, 2012


On: Feb 20, 2012
Replied To: Trey- Lounging Around (Blog)
On: Feb 20, 2012

Uriel - That comment did not come from TyTee29... At the same time I was responding on this post I was registering for my sister's Angel membership and it tagged her log in not mine.

Let me make this clear though...... Yes i buy the magazines, the music, the merchandise, yes i go hard on twitter and FB promoting for Tremaine but I DO NOT come on these boards with silliness and nonsense. No speculation, i do not start rumors none of that. In fact I have been an avid campaigner against that type of blogging on this site and the others since i first joined. I did not start this thread and my response was in response to the thread and the comments in it as a whole and to the person who posted this blog. I don't even recall mentioning "your" name at all.

Going further into your comments, you do not know who i know, so we will leave that part out but I do know that i don't have to have a personal relationship with someone to know whether I have a general distaste for them. My feelings for Lauren London have absolutely NOTHING to do with Tremaine at all and in fact when the rumor of them dating came out I was the one on twitter telling people to stop going in on her because he has the right to be happy and i did state that who he is with is not my business or my place to worry about,and yes some do take it too far. Fan does not equal girlfriend.

What i do not like is beautiful black women or any woman for that matter who's actions depict them as being loose in the industry and gaining a leg up because of it when there are those who work entirely too hard to get where they are at.
Yes you are right, lack of privacy when you are in that status is the price you pay however WE as fans / supporters should know better than to engage in it.

Basically that last statement is my whole point from the beginning.
Songstress Angel

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2012

The same thing happened to me during the Love Faces mini tour. i ultimately wound up going through and got better seats than this site or ticketmaster was giving. Just a thought. Hope that helps and hope you enjoy the show. Thank you for all of the support you give to Tremaine and trey's Angels!!! You are appreciated.

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