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@HUMBLEHEART - I see we have lots in common, and your last post was well said!!!!!! #COSIGN on all points. :O)

@JIMS - (waaaaaaves) Hi sissy!!!! (somehow I knew you would come to those of us who fight against this type of negative posting).

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Jan 26, 2012

@Humbleheart - Thank you for your feedback. I implore you to to read more into HIPAA as yes typically this encompasses employers, research studies, and Health Care Agencies, Physicians, Medical Billing entities etc however some of our Privacy Act has been incorportaed far beyond just the reach of employers, research studies, and the parties that i mentioned above, even if HIPAA would not fully encompass this thread our Privacy Laws would. These are issues and regulations that I deal with daily over the last 12 years.

However the point is not about who is right and who is wrong, it is about RESPECT for an individual's privacy point blank. That information that was stated as the thread starter whether fictitious or fact is their private business both personally and medically. Also for the thread, you never know a person's circumstance and why they make decisions to do certain things (not saying that she did do it), if in fact it happened there could have been a medical circumstance that prompted the decision or worse. The point is as an outsider a person just does not know.

The choice to abort a life is not an easy choice and although allot of the times is entered into casually, the after affects both physically, medically, and mentally always do take their toll. These are just as you stated "ridiculous rumors" that should never have been chosen as free conversation, and is not just so very disrespectful but disgusting table talk to be discussed in an open forum to say the least.

@Tricia - I love you too sis.

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Jan 24, 2012

(continued response to post 11/12/11 by MRS WEST)
knowledge that there is better out there for them through education, hard work, drive, and determination; and helping them find the tools that they need to be successful and thriving young adults in this society that we are now living in.

IF you look forward to sharing discussion, forming life long friendships, networking, and as some have: form business opps for yourself with fellow fans sharing the same interests as you, then by all means become an Angel.

As an Angel you get a welcome package with a pre-printed and signed letter from Tremaine, an Angels tee shirt, an Angels Dog tag. You will also enjoy the benefit of having early access to tour pre-sale and VIP tickets, get dibs on new music first, enjoy the benefit of an occasional live Ustream with the artist, hear artist news first, and have access to Angel merchandise...

Tied together all these items bundled up would cost way more than the $30 to join and become an Angel. Yet these material things that eventually will tarnish, shrink, be archived and become old news compare nothing to the sisterhood / family that we have formed and become.

They weigh nothing compared to the feeling you will get from helping others who are less fortunate, and in the knowing that YOU have touched and changed a life. all of this and repping, going hard for him, buying the music, experiencing extremely moving shows, and standing for an artist who didn't wait for that big break but went out and grasped that dream himself, who is extremely humble, who promotes family orientation first, who supports higher education,who has worked tirelessly at his craft and giving us the best of him at all times personally and through his music and has not had an easy road, who clearly stands and gives so much of himself for his fans on top of all that I mentioned IS THE PERK or at least it is for me
Hope to see you with wings soon!!!
nalston a.k.a Songstress Angel

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Jan 22, 2012

(In response to post 11/12/2011 by MRS WEST)

I know that this is a thread from Atlantic wanting the fan feedback on how they can improve on things like service, this site, memberships, the music etc... I hope that you do not mind, but I felt compelled to respond regarding your wavering decision to become a Trey's Angel.

There are allot of fans who make the choice to become a Trey's Angel solely because they think that the title "Angel" entitles them to something tangible, a perk, or even because they assumed it would get them closer to Tremaine. Then there are fans who made the decision to become an Angel because they want to stand with others like them who share a common bond in the desire to support this man, his music, his brand, his dream for the betterment of our people through what was at the time his "Songz 4 Peace" campaign.

I have been a "supporter" of Tremaine for a while now however I will not venture to say that I always was. There was a time when I was not impressed with him at all. That my dear was MY own ignorance. My not taking out the time to learn the truth about this man and what makes him so different that the average artist.

I NEVER became an Angel expecting to get anything out of it. The $30 membership fee that I paid does not compare to what I have gained since making the choice to join the Angel family back in November of 2010. As a fan you can go hard for him, buy his music, attend his shows, purchase meet and greets just like us Angels do and never pay the $30 dollar membership fee, and furthermore just because a member has paid $30 to gain the title "Angel" does not make them any different or better than one who is not.

My personal feeling is this...IF you are looking to join a social networking arena that allows you to meet and physically, mentally, and spiritually bond with each other, IF you have a passion for service and going out to help better our communities and strengthen our youth by empowering them with the (next post)

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Jan 22, 2012

(continued from previous)
The only difference I see in Tremaine from other men is that, he cannot enjoy the same normalcies in life that we do because of his status. It is YOU the fans who made it this way, and that is not your fault. The man is GOOD at what he does!...

I also blame HIM because HE allowed the fans to get way too close to him, he got too personal, and now the fans put themselves on a personal level with him which has been an issue for him since day 1..

I am grateful to be able to experience some of the things that we do but IF a fan was held to just being a fan, and not allowed to get personal or on that personal level with him the lashing out regarding who he is dating, his personal business, the fact that you may have had a run in with him NEVER would occur or be talked about. I apologize that you were hurt but part of being a grown woman is knowing that to heal you must let it go and move on... Move on sister, move on...

With Love,

Replied To: Words to describe Trey (Forum topic)
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