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@Matara - Do not entertain it. Many of us have and we have exhausted good energy in doing so. ESPECIALLY me. However I had to learn that everyone is entitled to their opinion and to post whatever they want. It is much like the foolishness that goes on, on twitter or the Ustreams... There will always be someone who thinks and feels opposite from how we feel. Know who you are in this, who WE are, and WHO and What we represent and ignore it sis... All it will do is spawn negativity in you, and WE are taught better than that, we have been counseled by the man himself to NOT engage it so lets do just that. You know what you meant by this post and so do your fellow sisters because we have been privy to the same experiences. Let it go hun it is not worth it. I spent months battling the negativity till I am tired and my life has been so much more peaceful now that I look past it. Join me and our sisters in that same place....(love your sister ALWAYS)

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On: Oct 16, 2011

SShorty - I don't think there are any other performers since it is a benefit specifically for Angels With Heart Foundation... I am not sure on that but I will find out and let you know. If there is though, they have not announced any special guest appearances s of yet.

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On: Oct 16, 2011

oh yeah..... See you ladies in NYC!!!!! (Hugs)

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On: Oct 16, 2011

Hey love, hey Angels - Uhm I think you said exactly how we ALL feel especially those of us who have been out there actively taking part in AWH an iAngelAdvocate missions.. He gives to us constantly and the best gift was the sisterhood as well as the feeling of fulfillment that we get from selfless giving. There are no other teams like ours, we really have transcended from fan club to more an I am so grateful for the powerful bonds as well as business ventures that I have formed with our sisters. Yes I too have been an Angel over a year now and have loved every minute of it... Tremaine is truly an amazing person and as I said after witnessing for myself at the DC Love Faces event where we got out there and did our thing, HE is truly destined to change and touch lives in a major way and doesn't even realize it yet. I was a part of that Ustream and I saw that tweet and it was at a time where I WAS going through something. The fact that he took the time away from his Ustream and chose to minister to those who might have been in need was a blessing, and a true message to all. I can't even begin to thank him or my Angel sisters enough for the experiences I have been privy to since joining, and it is because of those experiences, our bond, the giving back, and Tremaine that I am not going anywhere. Love to you all.

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On: Oct 16, 2011
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