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He is lookin scrumptious! Yum yum yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

Replied To: Tremaine THICKUMZ ()
On: Feb 16, 2011

@JIMS I haven't taken the memory card out and checked yet. My laptop is buggin out. I hope its still on the SD Card or (I'm gonna cry and NOT tears of Joy either!

On: Feb 16, 2011

@JIMS they rough housed my luggage and broke my bag and the camera was in the front pocket of the bag

On: Feb 16, 2011

@Trey_yuppkay1 - Tremaine DOES love the DMV and TeamTreyVA and ALL the Angels and he ALWAYS makes sure that in every interview, every show he points us out and shows us love. He knows we go extra hard for him so YOU are absolutely right. Meeting Tremaine even if for just a second, a blink of an eye would be great you are right. The blessing of having him as a friend is even better but you know what...... I love him that much that I will take what I can get. Meaning if I never get that follow on twitter, if he NEVER responds to any of my posts on this site, if I never get a VIP opportunity I am okay with that and I will still stand on the front lines batteling the hate, I will still go to whatever show I can make it to and walk around in 20 degree weather just as I did in DC and hand out promo flyers and recruit Angels, hell I was recruiting Angels on the plane home LOL! I will still PURCHASE multiple copies of every album / mixtape. I will still profess my LOVE for him regardless. It is NOT about Trey Songz for me, it is about Tremaine, about making a connection with someone who is so giving of himself, so compassionate, so passionate, so intelligent, and so humble and guess what.... They ask me why I do it, I tell em that I do it for HIM! Just as I know you would / and do too!
@JIMS - YES, yesssssssssssss he did and can you believe that Delta broke my camera so now I have nothing but this wonderfully full feeling that he left me with and the memory UGH!
@JEZZIE101 - Girl I haven't stopped crying. Everyone keeps asking me how it was and as soon as I start to tell the story I break down all over again! Plan for the new album tour and we will EFINITELY do it again!

On: Feb 15, 2011

I love it!

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On: Feb 14, 2011's picture
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My name is Nichelle N. Alston a.k.a Sexy_Chelle34 (@SongstressAngel - twitter) AN OFFICIAL TREY'S ANGEL!!!!! I AM the Headline! Welcome to Hollywood! #1 Tremaine A. Neverson SUPPORTER. Favorite music R&B (old school). Singer, songwriter, professional woman. Always on the grind, always trying to find ways to re-invent myself and to get better. Single mommy to the best little princess ever. A true lover of music IT IS MY PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE! Thank you Tremaine for all that you have shared, taught and given to us! Love you, your team, the label ALWAYS!
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