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Angels, yes please spread the word about iAngel Advocate! Tell every Angel, tweet it, post it on your FB! Do whatever you need to do. This is for you! Lets join together and do the dang thang!!!!!! 2011 Trey's Angels / Angels With Heart / Songs 4 Peace / iAngel Advocate Legggggggggggggggggggo!

On: Jun 20, 2011

Yesssssssssss, I am so excited about the launch of iAngel Advocate, and I am so proud of every Angel that makes the decision to join us in our fight to better our community, enviornment, and to mold our youth into the successful individuals that they were meant to be!

@Keyanna "your dream", Trey's dream, OUR dream is finally comming to fruition! Let's get it Angels! 2011 Trey'Angels / Angels With Heart / Songz 4 Peace / iAngel Advocate Leggggggggggggggo!

On: Jun 17, 2011

I am sorry to bust all ya'll bubbles but if he don't have a twitter page he sure was using someone else's to chat and go off on a fan respectfully yesterday and today. I did not friend request it, it was the opposite and no doubt because I wound up friends with someone who may be linked to him but I am CERTAIN it was him and he even spoke about the fake pages.

He spoke about the possibility of shutting down the FB page because of several hackings. He spoke to a fan who had the story confused about where they encountered eachother. He spoke with a family member and he spoke generally to the fans and spoke about the cattiness, the randomness and they crazybess that be goin on, on his pages.......

Too much coincidence and 1st person speaking and personal experiences shared for it not to be him.... I don't think he be on all the time though. I happened to stumble into that one and I must say I left very disappointed at the direction each conversation took. I don't know. If it wasn't really him then the person who is the imposter is a hellafied actor but I sincerely hope it wasn't him because I was very shocked at how he went at the fan even if she did deserve it. That is just not like him... (I don't think)

On: Jun 06, 2011

@Ariel COOGI - we have the same mind lol. This is "old" news. He actually did have a thing with her or at least that's what I read awhile back. But hey he had a thing with Amerie, Lauren, Jessica White, Helen, and a few other women as well so what is the BIG deal? He is human and entitled to fellowship with other people even intimatelly. I do agree that "Just Right" IS in fact "Just Wrong" for Tremaine however, but if he is happy then hey I'm widdit and I wish them the best of luck and success in their relationship. I can say however that Tremaine is "quality" so never fear ladies even if he is laying it down wit her, it won't be for long (not to sound like a hater), but it is hard to match quality with something generic or of lesser value so to speak. I'm sure as business concious as he is that he is the same in his personal affairs, meaning this; all of America saw that show including probably Tremaine. He's pretty good at judging the real from the fake so I'm sure he knows that women who present theirselves as some did in For the Love of Ray J, typically are only out for their 15 minutes of fame and enough trinkets to fill both hands. His name, brand, image is his investment, his business; and good business people learn early on to protect their investments at all costs. I'm suree he will be fine. He "ALWAYS" is and has been.

On: May 04, 2011

@Aspiring Angel - no you are right it wasn't appropriate for anyone to physically or mentally do you harm. Maybe he saw but didn't know what was going on or the severity of it. Was it him that did it or one of the guards or was it bouncers from the club? It was wrong either way though and I hope your experience will fade and you get to meet him for real for real.

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