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@Michelle Belle - From the moment that I saw you in the Angels only New Years video I was drawn to you as someone that I wanted to be mentored by. There is just something about you that is so positive, it shines through you and I saw it in your pic. Then we talked and I was certain that we were connected and had allot in common and I am adamant that we need to link up. I apologize that we didn't get the chance last night but we will definitely. I will be back in VA in 3 weeks and we MUST get together. I am still so overwhelmed by this all and by last night. I landed in Orlando still crying and still elated for Tremaine. He is truly amazing, a walking testimony himself, a blessing and I just am so thankful to GOD for him and for what he has shown me and done indirectly and for being able to be a part of that right along side all of you ladies. I am so emotionally full, satisfied, and exhausted as I am sure all of us who felt this from him are. I am so proud that you are following your dream and I wish you all of the success that your heart and hands can hold. Let me know if you need anything or if you need help I am ALWAYS here! Last night solidified it for me, I ain't goin nowhere, and I'm bout to do it, WE bout to do it! 2011 Treys Angels Leggggggo!

@TEE - I meant "every word" and I am going to cherish and savor this feeling,and I will not let Tremaine or my Angel sisters down! I never doubted the love the Angels have for him. You ladies show and prove that's for sure. I just needed to say thank you. This man has done so much for us, for ME. It was long overdue!

@JIMS - It was my first. HE WAS MY FIRST! LOL! RMBO! Truly an experience I will never forget and hopefully with him it will not be my last.

On: Feb 14, 2011

I am travelling from Orlando to Richmond (home) and will be attending the show in DC. Follow me and I'll follow back. ==> @SongstressAngel

On: Feb 07, 2011

duhtttttttttttee wynnnnnnn feh mi Tremaaaaaaaaine! LOL! (Sorry ladies i been cthu off him all day!) RMBO! :O)
Love you gals!

Replied To: Trey Songz the model ()
On: Feb 01, 2011

This man is just multi-talented as hell! I don't think that there is anything that he has touched that he hasn't masterd by now. I haven't seen him dance yet but I think maybe he don't like to dance but can. All I know is.........If he invented sex he must can work dem hips! LOL! Dunno but yesssss he is YUMMY as a model, or as anything really! His personality makes him extra yummy!

Replied To: Trey Songz the model ()
On: Feb 01, 2011

Media Take Out is just pure garbage! Kinda like the national Enquirer only you don't get it in the store on the rack by the registers! LOL! I hate them and the crap they be saying about Tremaine! But as they do it my baby's pockets seem to get fatter and fatter so.................Talk away!

On: Jan 31, 2011's picture
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My name is Nichelle N. Alston a.k.a Sexy_Chelle34 (@SongstressAngel - twitter) AN OFFICIAL TREY'S ANGEL!!!!! I AM the Headline! Welcome to Hollywood! #1 Tremaine A. Neverson SUPPORTER. Favorite music R&B (old school). Singer, songwriter, professional woman. Always on the grind, always trying to find ways to re-invent myself and to get better. Single mommy to the best little princess ever. A true lover of music IT IS MY PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE! Thank you Tremaine for all that you have shared, taught and given to us! Love you, your team, the label ALWAYS!
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