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WOW is all I can say for the people who treated you as if you were nothing. They had no right and no respect and for them I am sorry you had to experience that but please do not hold him accountable for out of control bouncers, staff etc.... I'm sure if he "really" knew what was going on he wouldn't have let it go down that way. I am sure he wouldn't be okay with one of his fans being assaulted and hurt but I apologize baby girl and I pray there is a next time for you and that it will make up for all of the disappointment....

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On: Apr 25, 2011

(cont) and I took a piece of his blessing away with me in my heart. Understand that everyone is here for their own reasons and only you know yours Me I am here to be a true Angel. Yes I am a supporter of Tremaine but I believe in his cause, the mission, his platform, the brand, and what he is trying to giveback to the fans, the youth, and the communities in which we came from and I get out there every day and apply it and try to help his dream for the betterment of others and our youth come true and. I believe in him because compared to many artists out there honey NOT MANY have gone to those lengths that Tremaine has to say thank you and to show his thanks by giving a piece of himself selflessly back to those who love and adore him so.

I never got to meet him that night or any other time. I have never gotten a S/O or a follow on twitter, never won a contest, no M&G, no holler on Ustream nothing and I never expected that so I am not disappointed, and if I never get to know Tremaine or even meet Trey Songz I will love I will love him for who he is not what he is, continue to rep hard for him, continue to bring the brand and the Angels and the charity to life just as he has asked of us until I can no longer. Why, you ask? Because he has already done much indirectly for me and for so many others including yourself.

With that sis I say please do not give up on the man who works so hard to please his fan all of us when he owes us nothing at all. You made this choice and we are here for you as fans, Angels, sisters, FAMILY. When you cannot find comfort in him we will be here with loving and open arms to embrace you, and believe me oh ye of little faith, your day to meet the man for what ever your reasons are will come. The question is....Do you wanna know Trey Songz or are you in it for the love, respect, and appreciation of Tremaine? Because if it's the latter, then you already have it, so what more could you want?

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On: Apr 25, 2011

(cont) and most importantly on of the most caring, selfless, and giving person you will e be blessed to meet (or me for that matter). I put down Trey Songz a long time ago and became a supporter of the MAN that is doing all of the hard work and getting little recognition for it, the world only really cares about Trey Songz, but what about Tremaine? He barely has the opportunity have any normalcy in his life and do regular things like you and I. Most people who don't know the business assume that when artists are seen out at the clubs it's all about the party when really it is still work. You don't know who the two blonds were but I bet one was Jess and baby that is work because she does allot of promotion for him and they are often spotted together.

I am not saying what happened was right or making excuses for him but I am saying he is human and if you loved him before for the right reasons then you should still love him. Not to sound messed up but as fans one is no more special than the other and there are countless devoted fans who have never even been able to lay eyes on him and then there are those who have because they didn't wait for him to notice them, they made themselves known.

I had the opportunity to go to 3 shows and at the last minute something happened to make it so I couldn't go. I MADE it happen for myself at the DC Love Faces show and TRUST I could NOT afford the $3K I spent in travel, hotel, tickets for me and another Angel but I wanted to show support to this man that I love so much that I made it happen. I linked with the VA Angels, came in from FL and we all stayed at the same hotel and went to the show together and the Monday before the show my father died as well. Everything that could go wrong to keep me from realizing that dream DID but I did not let it stop me! I went and baby it was an experience unlike no other and as an artist my love for him was solidified and I saw GOD's blessing reign down on him and over him(next)

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On: Apr 25, 2011

Uhm I sympathize with you Angel over your loss I do but I have to ask you "is that why you joined?" "Is that all you wanted from this?" I am not knocking before we get into it, I am just asking because if my memory serves me correct you were one of the most dedicated unless I am mistaking you for someone else. I just want to understand what would possess you to put a post like this up. My answer to what happened was that it was GODs way of showing you that you were not where you were supposed to be that night. Let me share something with you woman to woman Angel to Angel.

I was a fan just like you when Tremaine first hit the scene. An aspiring artist myself, I was in love with the music, his style, his swagger, all of it and I wanted to be just like him as an artist, only the female version lol. It took me going home to bury my mother whom I hadn't had a relationship with in over twenty years to introduce me to Tremaine the MAN. Sounds corny but she "loved" him and she knew his story, and even though she had not been in my life for all that time she kept up with my story, and it was her words to me before she died that still burn in my heart today, but it was the example she gave me of HIS journey compared to mine (as we watched an interview of him together) that made me want to know HIM.

What I found out was very different than what I thought of him. I researched him, read everything I could about him, linked with people he was working with, found out we have friends in the same circles, bought all the albums and mixtapes, watched the docu-series over and over, joined the fan club and started talking to people about him in an effort to get know him since I can't really get t know him; and I found out first and foremost he is HUMAN, he makes mistakes and is not ashamed to show it. He is the most humble MAN I have seen, he is family oriented, hard working, driven, business minded (next)

Replied To: i hate u (Forum topic)
On: Apr 25, 2011

@COOGI - you know that you can lay that burden down and find rest and relief. I told you this. Call me anytime if you need to just unleash the disappointment and the hurt and I am here to just listen. You have the number use it. You are just at your breakthrough hun I can tell because it's so hard for you. Stay strong and fight harder even when you don't have the strength to do so, your blessing is right outside your door!

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