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If you were attending the DC show i would be all over it!

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On: Jan 31, 2011

Hey ladies! I will be attending the DC Show. Seats Orchestera Left row E

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On: Jan 31, 2011

you can also hit me up on twitter at @SongstressAngel or email me at or

On: Jan 31, 2011

@COOGIdown Thank you for understanding my feelings, without me having to go into great detail on my personal thoughts about why I feel for Tremaine; and also for not taking it the wrong way. The bottom line is we all have a love for and rep n go hard for him, be he Tremaine to some or Trey Songz n Trigga to others. That is what bonded us to begin with. I respect and love ALL the Angels and fans that come to fellowship on the sites in Tremaine's honor. But hey, you turned me on to a few things and opened my mind on other things as well and that is always a great thing! I have nothing but respect for you as too! Be safe and be blessed Ms. Lady!

On: Jan 31, 2011

That 1st paragraph was supposed to say "why i love Tremaine" and why I called him Tremaine. NOT why I did Tremaine! That was clearly a typo and let me make that clear up front. LOL

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My name is Nichelle N. Alston a.k.a Sexy_Chelle34 (@SongstressAngel - twitter) AN OFFICIAL TREY'S ANGEL!!!!! I AM the Headline! Welcome to Hollywood! #1 Tremaine A. Neverson SUPPORTER. Favorite music R&B (old school). Singer, songwriter, professional woman. Always on the grind, always trying to find ways to re-invent myself and to get better. Single mommy to the best little princess ever. A true lover of music IT IS MY PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE! Thank you Tremaine for all that you have shared, taught and given to us! Love you, your team, the label ALWAYS!
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