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how do I RSVP for information?

On: Apr 23, 2011

@Tricia - whats up sis missed you glad to see you are still good!
@Coogi - love what it do? Miss talkin to you hmu hope all is well.
@JIMS - my heart I am glad to see you still neutral and doing well miss you!
@TEE - Heyyyyyyy now luv!
To: @cara2012 Red'Winged Angel , @kg.sunshine, and @Numba1Hon Hey beautiful and wonderfully made Angel sisters, follow me on twitter @SongstressAngel so we can chop it up fam!

On: Apr 23, 2011

@S Shorty - Oh yeah, and you ain't never "called me out" hun and don't disrespect me, sleep on it, or try me... What you did was try to play professor with me and wound up getting "schooled" and "served". I'm a lady, yes. Grown ass intelligent and classy business woman yes... Lets not forget, you and I both know I may have backed off, but I will never back down. Fighting with you is not a good look for what I am trying to do so I focus on what is RELEVANT and you ain't it so.... D.E.U.C.E.S

On: Apr 23, 2011

@Janice - Thank you for your donation to the Red Cross and the disaster relief for Japan. Please make sure whatever you do that you send in your pics or video to TeamTreyVa's email above by May 16th so we can include you. This month is dedicated to the March of Dimes so make sure you get it in!!!!! Much Love.

On: Apr 23, 2011

@S Shorty - Lemme kick it big girl style for you mmmmmmm kaaaay! Leave my name out of your mouth! Long gone are the days when I am visiting this board having it out with you. I have told you many times before, you are a very intelligent young lady, USE THAT SAME INTELLIGENCE AND DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH YOURSELF! I have tried to be nice, I have tried to be civil and now I'm gonna just keep it real........... I LOVE everyone on this site who takes the time to come and support Tremaine and fellowship with each other and that includes you, however I do not like you and it's obvious the feeling is mutual so lets just keep it at that and move on. I have not said anything about you, I have not bashed you or called you out on any of my recent posts and I am asking you to please respect me just as I do you and do the same...

I got the experience that I needed to solidify my loyalty and love for the artist, the brand, and the Angels so nothing you say will change that for me or anyone else who is here in support. Most of the people on here know me and who I am and we respect each other, we encourage each other, and we love each other so cut the crap and fall back already. You can continue with your childish antics but i have elevated my mind already, I have moved on to what is the real purpose of the fans, the Angels and this site and that my dear is to make a difference, an impact on this business (the music), support Tremaine and the Angels, promo, mentor, and to give back and share my experiences. Many of us including you have so much time to come on this site and kick up dust at each other but we have no time to get out there and help rebuild our communities, support disaster relief, or even take a young fan under our wing and show them a better example than what we were shown. Bottom line I am NOT a fan of Trey Songz, I AM a supporter of Tremaine Aldon Neverson the man, the artist, the business mogul, the family man, and most importantly the philanthropist!

On: Apr 23, 2011's picture
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My name is Nichelle N. Alston a.k.a Sexy_Chelle34 (@SongstressAngel - twitter) AN OFFICIAL TREY'S ANGEL!!!!! I AM the Headline! Welcome to Hollywood! #1 Tremaine A. Neverson SUPPORTER. Favorite music R&B (old school). Singer, songwriter, professional woman. Always on the grind, always trying to find ways to re-invent myself and to get better. Single mommy to the best little princess ever. A true lover of music IT IS MY PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE! Thank you Tremaine for all that you have shared, taught and given to us! Love you, your team, the label ALWAYS!
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