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COOGIdown (cont) who ever you see him as is for you, not for me, and i don't need to know why you see him that way or your reasons. You rep him how you see fit and I'm gonna do the same because what you do is none of my business frankly and I am okay with whatever you call him as long as you stand in line next to me as sisters in this movement and support him and go hard for him just as I do. I am one of the realest and nicest people you could ever know Coogie and you and everyone else on this site know that I love, rep, and support this man and will go to the edge of the earth to make sure I go as hard as I can in support so long as I am not sacrificing myself, my self respect, my dignity, and my safety over it, but to be blatantly honest few people (only 3 Angels) know why I call him Tremaine aside from what I stated below, they know my story personally and why I feel the way I do for TREMAINE (cuz I could give a fux about Trey Songz), and why I love him the way I do and it ain't somethin for everybody. It is for me and those that I got close enough to share it with.) and before the rumor starts behind that let me squash that NO I DO NOT KNOW TREMAINE PERSONALLY, NO WE NEVER DATED. My story surrounding my love for Tremaine is beyond that. It has more substance than that, I am in-debbted to him and thankful to him on a personal, life changing level that no one who don't know the story could ever understand. I don't see Trey Songz when I watch him or listen to him. I see past the bling, the cash, the houses, the success and I see that same humble, hard working, loving, compassionate, GOD fearing, family oriented, business minded, intelligent, goofy, sincere, and blatantly honest young man who cried out he Gotta Make It and DID it! When I pray at night, I do not pray over Trey Songz, his fam, his staff, his Angels, his fans.. I pray over Tremaine and all the above,. And i will continue to do so regardless because as an artist I can distinguish between the three.

On: Jan 30, 2011

@COOGIdown (cont.) I believe that we all love and rep Tremaine in our own way, and there is nothing that I can say to you to put you on my level of how I think and vice versa. We see differently on the matter that is all. I have read some of your posts in regards to ppl having to distinguish between him and his alters and you make great points. On this I have my reasons. I call him Tremaine rather than Trey Songz for many reasons. The first and biggest is "RESPECT" for the actual artist. When he wakes up he is Tremaine, when he goes to rehearsal he is Tremaine, when he gets that check after a show it is made out to Tremaine and his given name is Tremaine. The man that works so hard to create this R&B / Hip-Hop fantasy is Tremaine. It is him that made and is the essence of who is represented to you as Trey Songz! Trey Songz, Trigga is exactly that.... A fantasy created by Tremaine to entice his fan base, however they are a figment of of our imagination and fantasies! I give RESPECT to the one who did the work and who is doing the work. Trey Songz and Trigga are the music, Tremaine is "TheManBehindTheMask so to speak. If you participate in the Ustreams, watch the interviews you will hear him constantly make reference to the fact that Tremaine often takes a seat to what the world wants which is Trey Songz. How no one sees Tremaine anymore and that is why he cannot let anyone in close to him. ARE THEY THERE FOR TREMAINE OR TREY SONGZ? He is right too! Many people I talk to don't even know his real name is Tremaine...and it aggravates the hell outta me. If it were not for Tremaine, the world would never know of Trey Songz or Trigga, when in fact they are the illusions created off of Tremaine's talent. I like the music Trey Songz's music however it is Tremaine that i am supporting, his cause, mission, his BRAND which is Songz. I absolutely hate to refer to him as Trey Songz because that is NOT who he is to me. I don't know who he may be to you but(next)

On: Jan 30, 2011

@COOGIdown I didn't say he had 16 official mi tapes luv, I said I went on and they had 16 mixed tapes by him there and I downloaded every one of them. Please don't make this a competition or debate on who knows what about Tremaine because I have every mixed tape he put out that was official, every album, and most of his features (not all). I mean what is the point of this anyway? I made a statement about what I saw and got online in response to my sister angel and good good friend's question #thatisall. It seems though that I am always defending something on this site so this time just as the others I will bite.
I have repeated myself on this site over and over as to my personal feelings about why I did Tremaine and why I support him and why I call him Tremaine rather than Trey Songz and I will do it once more. Let this be my last time and after that I will be turning my attention to discussing more important issues like our Angels who are sick, in need, Angels with Heart and how to get Songz4Peace off the ground this year.These are the things that are important to me in regards to Tremaine, NOT the back and forth (whose D is bigger) type conversations that I have been engaged and engaging in on this site. How can I help further promote and rep for Tremaine. That is what I am interested in discussing. Getting our Angels together from state to state that is what I want to discuss, where can I make an impact and how in this organization. This is what I want to talk about. Can I take some Angels under my wing, mentor etc.. This is what you should be asking me especially since you are an Angel yourself. This is what we should be asking each other. This is what I joined for, not foe the high school feel cuz baby I am long past that stage. Please don't get offended Coogie cuz we always been cool but I am expressing how I feel at this point. Who cares "why" I choose to call him Tremaine. It is important to me but why is it important to you?(next)

On: Jan 30, 2011

did i tell ya'll that you are the bestest? (does my Nicki Minaj blinks).............#TreyFam!

On: Jan 25, 2011

@COOGIdown - thanks. Found great seats for the DC show for me and the other Angel. Just no VIP. Grateful to be going though.

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