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I am disappointed that this post was even responded to, also in the fact the the writer even felt compelled to post this on a public site where hundreds of people, himself, his team, media, his label, and GOD knows who else could stumble upon this.

From the looks of the picture I "assume" you are a mother, auntie, sister etc? Act like it. Grown women do not act out like this. Children do, and it is what i expect from a child not a mature adult.

Regular men that you meet in your every day lives are, or can be all of the above; however you do not go out waving banners to the world about it.

Not excusing any inappropriate behavior from him, but remember that Tremaine is JUST A MAN.... He is a regular man that bleeds no special or separate kind of blood that is different from that of your "ordinary" man, he is the same as us which means he is capable of the same infidelities, the same capability to hurt and also to inflict pain, capable of not telling the truth all the time, capable of getting caught up in his game etc...

I am sure he is not the first "man" to come into your life who acted in such a manner, and I am sure he won't be the last. That is just life, and it is up to YOU to make better choices. You can't put the blame all on the men ladies. We share some of that responsibility although it may not be deserved. WE after all make the choices to be with these men, we allow them to do the things they do and not demand our respect up front with no negotiation, we lack the self esteem and self respect in ourselves to be able to see it for what it is BEFORE we go off exploring, WE settle for the one night stand, the occasional fling with the celeb; and why???? Because it is exciting for us to be a part of something that most chics never even get that close to having.


Replied To: Words to describe Trey (Forum topic)
On: Jan 22, 2012

@Tricia - precisely why i have stepped back from engaging allot of Angels on twitter. I now have about 10 that I interact with and not daily. I have dwindled my Trey tweets down as well. not because i do not love this man and support him but because i just simply am over the crap that surrounds him, and that of the fan base. it isn't getting any better and it was taking up too much of my own energy to just let it ride. i am still debating on whether I will renew my membership as well and that is a shame but it is the reality of where i am at with this and the garbage that has not yet been put to rest. i hurt for him and for the fans who do not engage it and fight against the hate and you are absolutely right it is selfish and disrespectful how some people have been going on with her and other women he has been said to be linked with... Its disrespectful to her, to him, and to the fans who have to endure through it..

Replied To: Disrespecting Helen (Forum topic)
On: Jan 21, 2012

To maintain the integrity of this site, please let's all be very careful what information you put out there that may be considered someone's "Protected Health Informtion" (Google: HIPAA Privacy Act)....

Example: the statement that she has had two abortions from said artist... That is a direct violation of both her and his own privacy whether it is a valid statement or fictitious.

No disrespect, I am saying this as a fan and your fellow sister in this movement to support Tremaine in his endeavor with the music and his career which is "all" we as fans really have the right to be concerned about. Also make sure the statements you post are factual before posting them, and even then some are still are a violation of their privacy under certain laws like the HIPAA Privacy Act, Defamation of Character Laws etc...

I do not know if the statement or rumors are factual but I do know as a person who is in the Health Care Industry and holds a degree in Criminal Justice that even if I knew they were true, they are not topics that I would be discussing with anyone other than the persons involved; and that is only IF they invited me in to share that information with me.. There are allot of things that have been said about this man, his legal dealings, his spiritual dealings, and his personal affairs that may or may not be true but until he says it and shares it from his own mouth or until the other person leaks it I do not believe it and even he has said the rumors are untrue as has she...

Once again please do not get offended I neither agree or disagree with the topic, I don't care really because it is not for me and not my place. The only FACT I am sure of is that I do not know him personally nor do I lay down with him every night. He is just a man and not immune to the iniquities of a man and the flesh point blank nor is she or any other woman he has been linked to...
Respectfully yours,

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Jan 21, 2012

(cnt) their conversation lasted over an hour where he allowed her to be a part of what he was doing back stage because he was in an essence honoring her for the gift of giving her life to protect us and this country.

During their time she was able to take a slew of pictures (all of which were sent to me during their visit including a picture of her handing him my item. His comment to her was he sees and reads his tweets and his DM's, and frequents his site when he is able to but that he does in fact do it. He said he does not always have the time to respond though. Which is a no brainer.

Have you ever noticed though that he has allot of pics where he is texting, tweeting, blogging from his phone? I have several of those pics as well. Trey is a "Lurker" we have all witnessed this but please do not believe that he does not come on this site. i believe him when he says he does.
The truth is @SShorty unless you are with him every waking moment you really have no clue as to whether he comes on to this site or not and i am sure it would NOT be under his own name for obvious reasons. Last year Team Songz addressed you on this topic either further down in this post or in another where you were blatantly trying to deter fans on the site so I am unclear as to why you still do not believe...

Furthermore @SShorty please check out the @TreySongz page on twitter and who he is following... Most of the people that he is following are NOT Angels.......

(toodles and may this issue finally be put to rest)

On: Jan 21, 2012

Ok so i see that this is still going around so let me dispell the myth...

During the Dec 3rd concert in Lafayette we had an Angel who was being deployed the following Monday to Korea with our military and this was going to be her LAST trey experience until she is brought back to the states. As a gesture of our love for her being a fan (not because she is an Angel because if you are a fan you are an Angel and Tremaine has said that himself!) myself and one other fan that is being followed by Tremaine on twitter send 3 tweets each to him and one Direct Message to him asking him to spend a few moments with her as a gift for how hard she has gone for him from the very beginning.

I personally gave the young lady an item to give to him IF she was afforded the opportunity. GUESS WHAT!!!!

After the show shw was able to meet with him to give the gifts that were collected for him and HE KNEW WHO SHE WAS IMMEDIATELY.

She advised him of who she was and his response was "I Know, I saw the tweets and the DM's"

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