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So I actually agree with most of what @SShorty said below... (shocking isn't it..)

However I googled the matter, and do you gals know that this rumor goes all the way back to 2009?????? Can you say recycled garbage?

I thought this was a new thing like late 2010 into 2011 because I read an article that said they were dating and broke up officially in July 2011, but after speaking with someone who is connected with him I was told that they are nothing more than just friends seriously... Hmmm I wonder what the heck the truth really is.

I remember an interview that they did where it was said that they were just good friends who genuinely care about each other and that was it.

Truthfully I could give a crap who he dates... He is just a man for crying out loud, and he is not immune to the iniquities of a man and the flesh. He is entitled to have a personal life. However I do NOT like her as a choice for a long term mate.

Has anyone ever reported her dating a "REGULAR" guy?? (just curious)

As stated below it is well known that she has been around in the industry as have some of his other rendezvous. Little Wayne was not her first, he was just the one who knocked her up... (shudders). Ikkkk!

On: Jan 21, 2012

You do NOT have to be a Trey's Angel to get a follow from Trey..... If you pay attention on twitter aside from the follow Fridays he actually has been doing random follow sprrees for both Angels and non Angels. i have several people on my follow list who are NOT Angels but ARE being followed by @TreySongz.

Please do not speak on what you do NOT know @S Shorty .. You continuously make it seem as if Tremaine only interacts with Angels when that is not the case and our fellow Angels can concur with what I am saying because there is constant twitter discussion about it.

To get a follow from Trey you just have to rep hard and @ mention him allot. This does not mean your follow will come tomorrow but eventually it will. It took 10 months for my follow but I got it and the wait was worth it... Give it a try...

Replied To: someone help.. (Forum topic)
On: Nov 14, 2011

I meant, such absurdness and fuckery.

Replied To: rumors say that he is gay (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2011

Yo, this is absolutely disgusting and I am not sure WHY this post is even still circulating on this board. Also to answer @S Shorty, no not every artist is gay or bi-sexual these days. YOU need to do more research. You should really refrain from forming an answer based on rumors and speculation. Had you answered this question in the real world and off of a blog you could be charged with slander and defamation of character which carries a very heavy fine, but hell what do I know; I only have a degree in Criminal Justice. You will never learn. There are just things that you should not discuss. It is okay to have your own opinion but it is clear after a year of this that you still have not learned what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to say about someone especially when you don't know. Let me clear it up for you and anyone else who may be wondering. No he is NOT gay, absolutely not bi-sexual and had you been paying attention hun HE has addressed this issue and put it to bed long ago.

It is amazing the lengths that people will go to defame another person, and that although the world has been privy to his life, his hard work, his personal affairs, his music, his philanthropy yet still this poor man is subject to suck absurdness and fuckery from people clearly not on his level...

I am so done with this.. Honestly there are more important things to be doing with our time, and far far more important things to be talking about. Angels Legggo, we shall not help this blog "bump" .........

Replied To: rumors say that he is gay (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2011

JIMS - well said and I'm tellin the dada you be cheatin!!! LOL Just kidding sis!

Listen, I have absolutely nothing against J. Cole. I think he IS a very talented brother in many ways. Also, yes he is attractive. Long gone are the days where I sit on these blogs and explaing why my loyalty and my love lies with Tremaine, you all know how I feel and where I am coming from. Even Mrs. Cole.. I listen to many an artist but there is just something very very special about Tremaine. I remember how I was back when I first started on the blogs even before becomming an Angel. I use to battle just to get my point across, as time went on I realized that not everyone feels as I do, but Tremaine, GOD, and I know how I feel about that man and why, and I will never stop as long as he don't lol...He has remained at the top of my list and no one has been able to come and knock him off nor will they. To say Trey's "sex appeal is waning" and to put J.Cole above him in that department well lets just say she is entitled to her own opinion. Tremaine strikes me as a man, and he acts accordingly. Jermaine looks like my little brother.. He does not have that uumph, that thing, that swag; that Tremaine has. When women get around Tremaine panties get wett.. Uhm I don't see that in J.Cole yet and I stress the yet because he is definitely capable of getting there. Also it is the humanitarian in Tremaine that is what makes him unbelieveably attractive to me. Again, I have not seen that in J.Cole as of yet. Uhmm Yeahhh I'LL PASS and chose tremaine as my top choice any and EVERY day!

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs J.Cole (Forum topic)
On: Oct 17, 2011's picture
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