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cuttigurl609 - gurrrl I puts "no one" before my Trey Bae point blank period.. One of the things that ppl will tell you about me is I remain "consistent" I listen to other artist yes but I rep and support only 1 and that is because I believe in him, his vision, and what he is doing... I listen to J.Cole and he is hott but he is NOT on the same level I put Trey. We are all entitled to our opinion that's what makes us human but really I was just entertaining her. I have stated from the beginning (and JIMS can attest to this ) that THIS here is a TreySongz fan site, so plugging other artists on this page in my eyes is blatant disrespect. Since I cannot stop her from posting, and since Team Songz hasn't come on, and since this has been going on with her posts for the whole year I have been on here I just leave it alone and keep it moving but hell no, I don't see him before I see Tremaine. There are other things other than being an ok rapper or singer and being cute that makes you a good artist. Yes he was nominated as the PUSH artist of the week by MTV but he has not reached Trey Status and I am not saying he won't get there, I am merely saying he is not there yet and when he gets there Tremaine will have well surpassed that level...

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs J.Cole (Forum topic)
On: Oct 17, 2011

SShorty - I checked and he does have a site, and from the looks of the blogs THEY NEED YOU.

Here you go:

Always with love,
@Songstress Angel

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs J.Cole (Forum topic)
On: Oct 16, 2011

JIMS - Ohhh most definitely sis!!!! Been too long since my last Trey fix and I cannot wait to meet you.... :)

Replied To: Treys Love for people (Forum topic)
On: Oct 16, 2011

lol @ this...... Good to see you are still "trying" on the TREY blogs.

I do like J.Cole though, but not better than Trey and you know my reasons already,

However, you do you lovin and reppin for J.. He def is an artist to be reckoned with......

Question though, doesn't J.Cole have his own fan site where a blog like this could really pop off??? Just curious cuz I know how you like to keep the blogs "bumpin" .... o_O

Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs J.Cole (Forum topic)
On: Oct 16, 2011

@Matara - Do not entertain it. Many of us have and we have exhausted good energy in doing so. ESPECIALLY me. However I had to learn that everyone is entitled to their opinion and to post whatever they want. It is much like the foolishness that goes on, on twitter or the Ustreams... There will always be someone who thinks and feels opposite from how we feel. Know who you are in this, who WE are, and WHO and What we represent and ignore it sis... All it will do is spawn negativity in you, and WE are taught better than that, we have been counseled by the man himself to NOT engage it so lets do just that. You know what you meant by this post and so do your fellow sisters because we have been privy to the same experiences. Let it go hun it is not worth it. I spent months battling the negativity till I am tired and my life has been so much more peaceful now that I look past it. Join me and our sisters in that same place....(love your sister ALWAYS)

Replied To: Treys Love for people (Forum topic)
On: Oct 16, 2011's picture
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