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Tee - Me too!!! This mission is very close to my heart because it is going to serve a purpose that is two fold.One, to help the people was my personal goal this year and help bring Angels With Heart / Songz 4 Peace / Trey's Angels to another level. Two, to bring the Angels together "unified" although separated by states and countries into one event that will make us look past ourselves and into the hearts, minds, and souls of our sisters so that we can realize "FINALLY" the vision of the Angels; that we are bigger than how we act and that this part of the brand is so much more important than how we treat it!!!!!

On: Mar 25, 2011

(cont) There seems to be no discord amongst us when someone says something negative about Tremaine and we "all" jump in and go HAM which is exactly what he does NOT want us to do, no we have no problem with one another when its negative things that we are doing and we seem to get those done swiftly and with no thought or concern to those of us who are here to uplift the brand, support the vision that Tremaine wanted us to do. We are all grown, with different and equally strong personalities yes but this is our opportunity to do what needs to be done selflessly, with great effort, and show that we are bigger than how we may have presented ourselves elsewhere and on other occasions. With that being said "no" WE did not pick anyone they volunteered and I thank them, but I repeated several times in the post that you are free to do this individually or form your own team. Everything I do here in Orlando I do by myself. i don't wait for response or for someone to jump on board because I am doing it because I want to and it is in my heart to do it with no gain, but if someone wanted to join in they are more than welcome because we need all the help we can get regardless of how I may feel about them THIS is bigger than personal issues. Put this into perspective you may have had a spat, falling out with ppl in the organization who used to be your friend, sister whatever but the people we are helping lost their friends, sisters, family altogether. You may not have them but you still have us and I know that despite whatever the issue is, you will still get out there do what you do and continue to make us proud as always. We thank you in advance for your support and know that there are some of us who do care about you, the issue, and we love you but lets try to fix whats wrong offline and "together".....

On: Mar 22, 2011

MareenSaid, 39&luvinIt, AgapeAngel - for all of your efforts THANK YOU! As I stated above "any" help, "any" donation is very much needed and we appreciate everything that you have done and plan to do. If you have not yet had an opportunity to take pics and or video you still have time. The need is not going away any time soon here in the states or abroad so feel free to do what you do best!

babidollface1 - When TeamTreyVA, BNSEXE4U, and myself got together to formulate this mission we did not have any selection process in place. I sent out several tweets on March 11th and after asking for Angels to join in and support the cause for their areas, and the people above were the first and 'ONLY" to respond to my call. The purpose of calling a state to state joint effort and including our sisters in the UK was not just to go out and fill the need of our people who are out there suffering; but also to fill the need that is building up in the Angels organization. I have been growing very tired of the discord brewing amongst us, amongst this sisterhood, and within Tremaine's vision for who and what we were to be within his brand. This was a good way to pull us ALL together in unison, as a unit, as a family and for once forget about our differences stand together and make a positive impact not just on those who need us but on ourselves as well. It amazes me that there is always some kind of struggle in bringing us together to do something good, the right thing yet we have absolutely no problem going on the social networks including this page and making complete fools of ourselves. Berating and belittling one another and those in other fan clubs. (next)

On: Mar 22, 2011

Every day you amaze me, and I am so proud of the growth and the change that is taking place in us. I love this. I am following this page, and @TreeOfLife_TA on twitter. I will be watching, and praising the Lord for your success,, ALL OF YOUR SUCCESS. I am always praying for you. Let me know how I can help, in the meantime I'ma spread the word. Love

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On: Mar 22, 2011

Michelle Belle - You are ALWAYS on the grind!!!! Thank you my heart! All of your help is greatly appreciated! Call me when you can! Love you sis!

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