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t_mccalip - Thank you luv, your donation in any form is a blessing!

On: Mar 22, 2011

I have reached out to the FL Angels on numerous occasions with no reply. I am in Orlando and there is another Angel here. I reached out to her in one of her previous posts and no reply. The Miami Angels i reached out to, no reply. Jacksonville and Tallahassee no reply. Its funny, I have traveled to link up with the VA and DMV Angels for concerts and missions, I talk to some of the NY and NJ and Ohio Angels daily but I cannot get a response from the sisters that I have in my very own state.

Replied To: Florida Angels ()
On: Mar 10, 2011

Junior Achievement UPDATE:
Good Morning Fellow Angels and fans!

I wanted to take a minute and let your know our totals that have been raised thus far.
I can proudly say that we are almost half way to the goal. TOGETHER we have raised a total of :
$3,680.30 yo go towards Junior Achievements efforts to provide scholastic programs to educate and empower our youth!
This is amazing!!!!!! For those that have donated I THANK YOU!!! Our children thank you!
This amount will DEFINITELY help!!

With our total so far, we are now able to sponsor:

3- High School Economic Programs.
1- Middle School Economic Program.
1- Program kit for one K-5 class.

Let’s reach my personal goal for JA donations of $6,000.00 - $8000 in donations!!!!! We are TREY's ANGELS, We can do it!!! Legggggggggggo!

On: Mar 10, 2011

@BNSEXE4U - Yessssssssssssssssssssss! I'm trying to get it in an way that I can. We gotta do more in the communities, do better ya'mean? It's for the kids! Love u sis n call me! Spread the word, get as many Angels involved cuz Junior Achievement is doing BIG things with our youth!

On: Mar 08, 2011

@Michelle Belle - I am supposed to be but its gonna depend on if they schedule the baby's surgery for this week or the week after. If they schedule it after then I will be there because its my birthday and I have my tickets but if they chose this week to do it then I have to stay cuz I ain't lettin her go without me being there with her.

On: Mar 07, 2011's picture
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