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I am going to see if I can get a flight for me to come in from FL and my roadie Keyanna from TeamTrey VA to take part in this event

On: Sep 09, 2011

JIMS - hey love (waves)

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Sep 07, 2011

I have a few recent pics of the dada where he looks like he needs a hair cut and a shave but baaaabeeeee he do look fine as hell a lil scruffy buhlee daaat! LOL

On: Sep 07, 2011

I'm in FL and i rep both here and my home Richmond VA

On: Sep 07, 2011

Tremaine and Lauren London said from their own mouths that they are not dating and are just good friends who care about one another. Also the rumor that it is Trey Songz's baby was never acknowledged so is just a rumor, and it's funny that the rumor keeps surfacing. i googled and there are articles that go back to 2008 regarding Trey, Lauren, and a baby rumor lol. RUMORS... We all know what Trey says about those, and if not check out Headlines Remix 2011 he talks about rumors there as well. The media does do too much, it's like the damn soap operas they media keep you on the edge of ya seat when it comes to our baby Trey. I mean think about it... The Trey we have come to love, as much as family is important to him do you honestly think he would not speak on a child in his life especially when we all know how much he loves and wants a child? Do you not think that he would have settled down with her if she was pregnant by him he is more respectable than that to hide it or to keep galavanting around with women when he got a baby momma whom he clearly cares for and a baby on the way? I hink he would have at least gave it a shot. I believe it is just a rumor. what's really goin on cuz as far as I see it he's outchea!!!!!!!

Replied To: Trey Songz and Lauren London (Forum topic)
On: Sep 07, 2011's picture
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