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KeyFrQnz718 - thanks sissssss! Call me about this weekend AND to let me know if you got what I sent because I resent it 2x.

On: Mar 03, 2011

I love this post and as bad as I want to respond I think you ALL know my stance on the topic. If not, read my last few tweets @SongstressAngel (twitter). It was addressed to the Angels. I love you all, and I am just gonna say if you are truly in this for Tremaine, for the Angels, and to help build the Songz brand while giving back to our communities and helping our disadvantaged youth, while bonding with some really great women and mentors; then you are here for all the right reasons.

This is NOT just a fan club, it is a business that we all have invested in, including Tremaine. Would you want your business to be displayed negatively? Well neither does Tremaine. We just need to do better at focusing on the important things rather than industry beef, gossip, who is an Angel but also with another camp, who Tremaine is dating etc. In the grand scheme of things none of that is important, and none of it is putting money in our pockets! However if you paid to be a member of the Angels and you treat it like its pure f***ry then you basically have wasted your money. You can easily rep Tremaine without the membership or title, if you have signed up to stand along side the Angels and fans who support the cause then you will gain a lifetime of support, love, compassion, selfless giving, sisterhood etc.... Lets remember WHY we did this to begin with, and that should pull us all back in line. Follow me on twitter if you wish @SongstressAngel but I'ma rep tremaine and the Angels with class and dignity regardless. Stay Blessed!

On: Mar 02, 2011

I think that any artist who purposely displays themselves to the public in a catty or negative way DOESN'T appreciate where they are at, or what it took to get there, and probably won't last long (eg: Rhianna vs Ciara). People just don't understand what a privelage it is to be successful in that way. Especially since there are so many who have made it with almost no talent at all! I have been a singer for 12 years, I have gone through allot, experienced allot, and I came from nothing to something therefore I could never see myself engaging in such behavior with another artist because as I have said in many previous posts, it may be entertaining to the fans but it can be DAMAGING to the artist's career.

What I LOVE about Tremaine is that he does not feed into it on twitter, on this site, or any other site that I have seen. He has grown from the young man who jumped off the stage to fight at a club concert, to a mature young man who knows what it takes to be successful and is doing it; and part of that is staying out of the limelight, trying as best as you can to keep your life private, staying focused, and not engaging in industry beef! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM FOR THAT!

I do not see the hate on my page partly because I have blocked previous offenders, but I do see the Angels go off and that bothers me as well because we are supposed to represent better than that and if Tremaine can be bigger and ignore it so can we because the bottom line is people will talk regardless, he is still making money even more thanks to the haters so my advice to the haters is FIX YA FACE AND KEEP BUMPIN YA GUMZ CUZ YOU BUMPIN IT TO HIS MUSIC ANYWAY, YOUZ A HATER AND HE TAKIN YOU AZZ STR8 TO DA BANK BELEE DAAAAT!

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On: Mar 02, 2011

JA FACTS: Last year, Junior Achievement volunteers touched the lives of over 80,000 children. This school year, JA's goal is to provide our innovative programs to more children across Central Florida. In order to reach this important goal, it is vital that we raise the funds to support the programs we teach.

Your donation is an investment in an organization that is committed to insuring that our young people stay in school and have the skills necessary to be employed after graduation. Thank you for your consideration and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have via twitter (@SongstressAngel) or at my email

On: Mar 02, 2011

hit me up on twitter @SongstressAngel and we can discuss

On: Feb 18, 2011's picture
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My name is Nichelle N. Alston a.k.a Sexy_Chelle34 (@SongstressAngel - twitter) AN OFFICIAL TREY'S ANGEL!!!!! I AM the Headline! Welcome to Hollywood! #1 Tremaine A. Neverson SUPPORTER. Favorite music R&B (old school). Singer, songwriter, professional woman. Always on the grind, always trying to find ways to re-invent myself and to get better. Single mommy to the best little princess ever. A true lover of music IT IS MY PASSION, PAIN & PLEASURE! Thank you Tremaine for all that you have shared, taught and given to us! Love you, your team, the label ALWAYS!
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