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I wish they'd put the show on dvd so I could watch it whenever I wanted too.

Replied To: My Moment is on now (Forum topic)
On: Jan 09, 2011

I want a calender. I wish I didn't have to buy it online, but I'll do it for Trey. So they need to reorder more. And just for my inconvenience, they should send me one for next year too.

Replied To: **TREY SONGZ CALENDAR IS SOLD OUT** (Forum topic)
On: Jan 05, 2011

I'm pretty sure we all have this "idea" of how Trey really is when the cameras aren't there. I want to think he doesn't sleep around that much, but I know he does. I've seen the interviews and the Ustreams. I can't act like I haven't seen them. And sometimes when I read your stories, which I love by the way, I think that's something Trey would say. Like when he says "you know a nigga hungry," I just know Trey would say that. And anytime your reading fan fic, you have to remember it's FICTIONAL. So whenever I'm like that wouldn't happen or he wouldn't say that, I have to remember it's fan FIC. But then again, I don't know if he would say or do that.

Your not wrong for the way you perceive Trey. You do your "research." And it's your stories, so keep writing the way you want to and the way you think he would be. But don't write anything to crazy. I don't want to go on your site and read some coo coo bananas story about Trey that'll make me mad.

Replied To: Am I WRONG about TREY?? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 03, 2011

That's definitely NOT Trey.

I don't go on websites like that. Most of it's lies, and they try to make other people look bad so they can get paid.

Replied To: Media Take Out (Forum topic)
On: Dec 27, 2010
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