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I love Twitter. I get to see different people's opinions on things I never would have saw on fb or myspace. And I know when something important is happening cause of the trending topics.

I've always liked myspace better than facebook. The only reason I got a facebook was because everyone else was on there, and I didn't have anyone to talk to. I got to show my personality on myspace. I had a background, and pictures of stuff I liked on my page. On facebook, everybody knows everything your doing. Where your doing it, with who, what game you just joined, who's page you commented on, EVERYTHING!

Replied To: TWITTER vs MYSPACE (Forum topic)
On: Dec 03, 2010

Well, I think best friends make the best lovers.
Anytime I take some kind of quiz about who your gonna end up with, it always says someone in your group. I know for a fact that that's not gonna happen, but I wouldn't mind that happening with Trey. We could be best friends, and then it turn into a relationship.

On: Dec 03, 2010

I don't think Trey's bi or gay. If he was any of them I think I'd rather him be bi, so at least he's still into girls, but that would be weird knowing he was into guys. And if he was gay, so many of my guy friends would be talking bad about him to me saying I was wrong. I would never hear the end of it until I graduated. And I think if he said he was gay, he would lose some of his fans, so he wouldn't want to admit it. But he's not gay so I have nothing to worry about.

About the never heard of a relationship thing, I was watching him on ustream doing an interview with Anglea Yee and he talked about bringing the same girl home the last 3 Christmases. But they broke up and he doesn't have time for a relationship anymore.

Replied To: IS TREY SONGZ BISEXUAL???? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 01, 2010

@lisaleigh30 Thanks. I'm thinking about doing art as a 2nd major.

I'm just gonna start ignoring him now. Unless he says something 1st. I didn't even say anything about Trey today, and he still talked about him.

Replied To: Trey Haters (Forum topic)
On: Nov 30, 2010

That is so cute!

Replied To: My 5 year old Cousins Cotton Candy! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 29, 2010
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