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i don't wanna think of Trey as a bad guy. He's not. He can't be. I think if he was we would know, cause he's pretty much always in the public eye. Someone would see him acting like that, they'd posted on some website. So we would know.
I don't think I could have done what she did in the story. I can't pretend to love someone like that. But then again she was an angry woman. Trey was the reason her cousin killed herself, so she had a very good reason to pretend to love Trey.

On: Apr 13, 2011

@kg.sunshine Are you sure? You never know. That could get messy and he shouldn't have to do that for himself.

On: Mar 27, 2011

Whatever the hell he wants. JK. But if he had something in mind he wanted to do, I'd do it with him. I'd wanna spend time with him on his vacation. Probably at the beach in Puerto Rico or the Bahama's. We'd go jet skiing and go on a yacht. Swim with the tropical fishes. Go out to eat, you know, stuff you do on vacation. And since we'd be at the beach, I'd get to see him in his swim trunks. :D Just to make sure no other girls come around and try to hit on him while i'm there, we'd be on part of the island where no one really was. And we'd have to go when there wasn't that many tourist.

On: Mar 24, 2011

I'd work for Trey. I don't have any kids, so I could just leave. But I couldn't work for him for that long. I do wanna do different stuff before I decided to settle down. I wanna say I did different jobs and went places. Plus the job would bring me closer to Trey. (If he ever needed someone to rub sun tan lotion or baby oil to make his abs shinny and didn't wanna do it himself, (which he shouldn't have to), i'd be happy to do it.) Now, unlike @Essence711, I think I could keep my composer around Trey. Now if I saw other celebs, thats another thing.

On: Mar 24, 2011

@Ariel I hope your right. I love that song.

On: Mar 22, 2011
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