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On: Feb 09, 2011

Of course I would still be a dedicated fan. I don't just like him cause he's single. I liked him first for his music, and I'm always gonna like his music as long as it's good. I can't just stop liking him cause he gets a girlfriend. That's no reason to start liking some one's music. So as soon as he gets a girlfriend I'm suppose to throw away all my Trey stuff. I don't think so. I still liked Usher when he was with chilli, and when he got married (and divorced). And I'm gonna keep liking him. I'm be the same way with Trey no matter what happens.

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On: Jan 23, 2011

I love that you said come on son.

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On: Jan 23, 2011

@Coogidown thank you for posting his pictures. Did he actually say that was Helen??

That was the interview I was talking about earlier. That groupie stuff was crazy.

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On: Jan 17, 2011

@Coogidown thank you!!!! I love that Trey draws and i really want to see some of his stuff.

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On: Jan 17, 2011
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