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I'm with @Anne B. I love Unusual. And Drake would be on that too. Anytime Trey and Drake are on a song, you know it's gonna be hot. Plus, Trey have to be shirtless. Not that he doesn't take off his shirt anyway.

On: Mar 19, 2011

I like both Trey's. But I am suppose to say that being a Trey fan. I like the braids. But I do like the bigger muscles. I like the more R & B feel to his music. But I like the suits over the jeans & T-shirts. So, both Trey's have something I like. Trey can't stay the same. He's grown up since then, and will probably change again. But I'll still love him and his music no matter what. Well, as long as it's good music.

On: Mar 19, 2011

@Essence711 You know how when a mother's child is in danger she suddenly gets the strength of 10 men. Maybe that would happen if one of us saw Trey was in danger. If they really did happen I think one of us would be able to get Trey out of the way. I'm just being hopeful. But Trey's smart enough to duck out the way of a bullet, so no one would have to push him out of the way. Did you try kicking him in the thigh like you said earlier??

Replied To: Would you Die for Trey? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 13, 2011

The old Ustreams can only last me so long. We should make it a trending topic or something, so he has to see it.

Replied To: Trey on USTREAM (Forum topic)
On: Mar 10, 2011

@Essence711 Ok, kicking him in the thigh might hurt, and he still probably would still get shot, unless u hit him so hard it and it hurt so bad that the pain made him fall to the ground. Maybe you could do it like on Mortal Kombat. Like squat on the ground and do some ninja spinny kick thing so he would fall. But make sure the grounds soft. We definitely don't won't him hurtin that pretty little head of his.

Replied To: Would you Die for Trey? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 10, 2011
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