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Thanks @Coogidown. I looked up Picture me Drawing Pt. 1 and I found an interview of Trey talking about his drawings. I wish I could find a picture, though.

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On: Jan 17, 2011

More Trey Songz Twitter Backgrounds. With HIM in it.
Please. :)

On: Jan 16, 2011

It's so weird that you started this discussion, cause I was looking up songs featuring Trey the other day.

I think Girl Tonight is my favorite. I just like the way Trey unnhhuns and oooohhhhhs in that song. God. If he just made a song with him saying that, and not singing anything in particular, I would buy it.

On: Jan 14, 2011
On: Jan 13, 2011

I wish they'd put the show on dvd so I could watch it whenever I wanted too.

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On: Jan 09, 2011
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