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The better question is...Can he handle me? JK lol

On: Mar 10, 2011

Yeahhhh, I got y'all thinkin now. So just in case some crazy person tries to shoot Trey, push him by his legs. Hopefully, the person doin the shooting won't have more than one bullet or security will knock em down.

Replied To: Would you Die for Trey? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 10, 2011

@lisaleigh30 ikr. Some people I know are like why are u so obsessed. And I'm like I'm not obsessed, it's love. They wouldn't be thinking I'm so obsessed if they came here. But we are NOT obsessed. We're just dedicated fans.

Replied To: All You Know About Trey Songz (Forum topic)
On: Mar 10, 2011

Social security number? Really? Y'all gettin a little too personal.
@Mariama Neverson your right about everything except Future Wifey. That's me. :D

Replied To: All You Know About Trey Songz (Forum topic)
On: Mar 09, 2011

He responds to Twitter and the Ustream chats.

On: Mar 09, 2011
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