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No, i wouldn't die for Trey. But, if there were a bullet coming at him and I was standing there, I'd find a way to push him out the way without me getting shot. I've seen people on tv jump in front of the bullet, when they simply could have pushed the person out the way. Just push em by their legs and you won't be near the bullet. I love Trey and all, but I don't know him like that to be dyin for him. I'm a first responder, so I'd try to save him. But that's about it. I still love him though. :D

Replied To: Would you Die for Trey? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 07, 2011

When he was taking that picture with the short girl I'm think is that how it's gonna be when I meet him. (I'm 5 foot.) I espicially loved the video part when he had braids, idk why.

Replied To: Trey's Memorable Fan Moments (video) (Forum topic)
On: Mar 03, 2011

I don't think so. He just did the love faces tour here, and he's been on tours for like a year now. I think he's probably gonna take a break when gets back. I kinda hope he does. Nobody needs to work that much.

Replied To: Summer Trey Songz Concert (Forum topic)
On: Mar 01, 2011

I'll admit it. When you first decided to get the tickets and you see how much they cost, your like "what!" They are pretty expensive. (My mom paid for mines but they were still expensive.) But when your getting ready to go, and driving there, idk, you get this feeling. It's hard to explain. Then when your their and there playing the music before he comes on, it's so exciting. Then he come out and you got all this adrenaline pumping. Your singing along, he's looking gorgeous, and it is so worth it. Your not even thinking about how much it cost to go there. Yeah, he doesn't dance like Usher or Chris Brown, and you think why would you want to go to a concert where all their gonna do is walk around and sing. But there's something about hearing your favorite songs live. And he does other stuff to. You've seen the videos. And, if your up front, you might even get to go on stage. Obviously, i think it's well worth it. I live in Louisiana, and he doesn't come here often. So I'm not spending all my money to see him every other month. I'm not saying you should go see him every time he's near. But just go once to say you've gotten to see him live.

Replied To: IS TREY A GOOD PERFORMER???? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 01, 2011

He hasn't done any in a while, but there are enough old ustreams to tie you over until he does another one. I love watching old ustreams. Especially the one where we get to see him in the morning working out, and getting ready for the day. It's probably my favorite. Mostly because he's shirtless. :)

We need to try and get him to do another one.

Replied To: ustream (Forum topic)
On: Feb 23, 2011
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I'm Devin. I live in Louisiana. I went to my 1st Trey Songz concert on August 7, 2010. It was awesome. My 2nd concert was March 9, 2012 in New Orleans. The seats were even better than last time. Next time, meet & greet! :)
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