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i love it!! its really cute but i think might do it but change it just a lil but dont let what others say bout yu cuz like some of the others girls have said its YUR body not anyone else's. i have 4 tattoos myself and i want more. so go for what yu feel like yu can express yurself cuz in my opinion tattoos are in a way telling a story bout who yu are.

On: Dec 19, 2010

i would be myself cuz i cant be anyone but latrice.. i respect him as a person & an artist.. i have met him when he was chicago earlier this month and i was so shy but that who i am around any guy i find attractive whether he is famous or like i said i would be myself 'cause thats all i can be but its up to him whether he like who i am as a human being

On: Dec 19, 2010

@nalston i completely agree with yu 110%

On: Dec 19, 2010

i can understand where he coming from..cuz yu never know if that fan is with him cuz he famous and they tryin to use him or genuinely tryin to be with tremaine neverson not trey songz.

On: Dec 19, 2010

one love
on top
red lipstick
scratchin me up
love lost
already taken
gotta leave
girl tonight
wonder woman
last time
bottoms up
love faces
cant be friends
lol :)
panty droppa
neighbors know my name
jupiter love
say ahh
yo side of the bed
made to be together
no clothes on

On: Dec 19, 2010
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