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August 28

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August 30

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~Mother, Entrepreneur and Teacher ~ I am passionate about Trey Songz and TreysAngels I take part in promoting and supporting Trey in ALL that he does. I also have the privilege to manage the Treys Angels nickname team. Check it out for yourself on ---- I am also a certified Traveling Angel for Trey. i go to shows throughout the U.S. to show our man how much I appreciate him as an artist and man. I am also an Official Angel With Heart Coordinator/Volunteer. Want to know more about me follow me on twitter @oneshadowlove and request your nickname on the official nickname page @OfficialAngelNN Love Shadwanda
Trey .... Traveling to see Trey and ummmm anything Trey lol
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TSE of course... And Trey
United States
Shadwanda aka Shadow to the Angels
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only): 
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SagiTopaz's picture

Nice profile I like that your a leader and take pride in what you do. Keep up the good work!

daftdynolium's picture

hey! i've needed a nickname for SO long, i was wondering if you could help me out! thanks

memeg26's picture

Hey Shadow im a new angel and i want a nickname.
Twitter name is @memekg26's picture

Hey Shadow follow our newest Angel @SimplyLaLa03 and she's senior in high school here in Va.

sinsation820 CharitableAngel's picture

ok im about to follow you i just ask that you follow back and i want to know how can i work for trey as well my name is GloriaNeverson or sinsation820

TLynLo's picture

FYI ... I created a twitter page and was going to follow you and the new OfficialAngelNickName page BUT to my surprise, the name #TenaciousAngel that I specifically requested now belongs to someone else effective Jan 5!
I've been requesting this name since November.

Are we not allowed to request a name?
What's the criteria for assigning a name?'s picture

Love the names looking forward to mine @mrscvs_VaAngel. Happy New Year!

- 'Charelle's picture

Hello : )
How Are You ? Can You Assiqn Me A Name Pleasee :)
My Twitter Name Is @CharelleSarah ; Can You Let Me Know ...
Thank You

Kabria's picture

hellloooo!(: um.. I wanted to know if I could get a namee pleaseee I follow you on twitter my handle is @KabriaBreezy .

TLynLo's picture

Can you please assign me a name when you get a chance?
#TenaciousAngel is the name I am requesting.

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to you!

CELLE-CELL's picture

Hello, Oneshadowlove would love for you to pick out a name for me yuupp:-) thanks!! my twitter @RammeBaby by da way nice job!!

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

HI my name is Rana and I just wanted to know how do I go about getting a nickname or what do I need to do!
You can hit me up on twitter @sexyangel1128!

Courtney_14's picture

Hi fellow angel. :) I just wanted to see if you could give me a nickname? I'm following you on twitter But I figured it would be easier to ask here. I would love to get a name. :)

@cccourtney07's picture

Hey hun

How r u? I am requesting a angel nickname...i also hit u up on twitter. My twitter name is @bnsexe4u...

A little bit of info about me, I am 26 and in my young age, i have been through quite a lot, i consider myself to have a lot of determination & peserverance because of the death of my parents when i was 10. As i have been told by others i am wise beyond my years and seem to be angel sent to help others whether if it is by talking to someone or just making them smile...I also strongly stand by living life to the fullest and not having any regrets b-cuz life is tooo short. So my motto is live life as if it is a memory in the making. Live Freely, Love Hard, & Laugh often.
Thanks ladies...we appreciate all of your hardwork for the whole team...

I am loving my's a true movement.

TLynLo's picture

Just read your twitter about having to follow you and chrissy_on_ice.
Since I'm not on twitter you can disregard my two previous posts.
So sorry to bother you.
Be blessed!

TLynLo's picture

Hello my Angel Sis :)
When you get a moment, would it be possibe for you to assign me an AngelName if I am not on twitter?
Please email
May I request #TenaciousAngel because I'm steadfast and NEVER give up :)

Myztik's picture

I just saw the discussion page for Angel nicknames and everything, and since I don't have a Twitter account I just wanted to know if I could still receive an Angel name..? I'd like to request #MusicallyMindedAngel b/c music is my world, my whole mind, soul and body, and without it I'd be nowhere to where I am today!! ;) My email is if you need it. Much love to you, sister!

TLynLo's picture

BTW ... Please pass this on to the other Chrissy_On_Ice.
Thanks and God Bless!

TLynLo's picture

Can I get an AngelName if I am not on twitter?
May I request #TenaciousAngel because I'm steadfast and NEVER give up :)