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Nah, not for all the money in the world. The same way you get someone is the same way you are gonna lose him. I mean forreal, What if Trey's a real prick behind closed doors. Or he aint afraid to foot to ass... i dunno man, I am not leaving a sure thing for a fling or life time worth of ass whuppings. lmao.

No seriously God forbid that Trey is any of those things, but for real how would you feel if your dude left you for Beyonce? Or Trey left you for me? Karma is something else.

On: Jun 16, 2010

Since laughing at those faces he makes when squeezing them notes out...lls

Replied To: When did you become a Trey Songz Fan?! (Forum topic)
On: Jun 16, 2010

Whatever is playing while my eyes are feeling heavy :)

On: Jun 16, 2010

Man, he just gonna have to understand that today wasn't just the best time to droppin by without giving notice. That stankin and crap, I don't see that happening but the hair situation and not being dressed properly thing, he would have to wait while I get myself together.

On: Jun 16, 2010
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