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(sorry I accidentally pressed post comment when I hadnt finished) Well Trey I always have imagined what it would be like if I was ever in a position to meet you. Sometimes I think perhaps I would be all shy, or cry.. Which I would try not to I can't make any promises lol. Well I hope you have liked what I've said and I hope i can be chosen to be one of those lucky people who will have the chance to meet you! Also you are so so so so so good looking and I would just love to give you the bigger hug ever :) thanks for taking time into reading this message and I really hope i get to meet you!!! Love you Trey Songz ❤

On: Aug 03, 2012

I believe that I should be chosen for this competition because you are honestly one of my favourite artists. I absolutely adore ALL your songs and whenever it comes on the radio I always sing along to them and I know all the lyrics. I really liked you because of your personality and your voice is just so WOW. Every note you sing makes each hair on the back on my neck stand up. I really cannot explain how much I love you Trey! I always miss chances to come to your concerts but I always watch them on YouTube and i also watch your interviews as well as the concerts. I have always wanted to meet to Trey and it will be such a dream come true if I get the opportunity to! I have enjoyed all the music you make, all your songs have a meaning and I just always love listening to them. Your song "Heart Attack" honestly makes my heart drop to my stomach as its such a beautiful song and you just sing so well. I wished I could have watched you at London 02 and even at the Hackney Weekend. I always tweet you eiether saying I love you whenever I are you say something! I always feel complete when I write

On: Aug 03, 2012
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