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thanks for replying (:

I have contacted MULTIPLE organizations but they all told me they can't help individuals. "/

Replied To: An Angel's Cry ()
On: Aug 10, 2012

Thank you for replying. I did speak with my financial aid department and they stated that theres nothing really they can do but they can advise me to just try and get my balance down as low as possible. there is someone at spelman that has been trying to see what they can do but no word from them as yet. as of fafsa i cannot apply for that cause I'm not eligible. I haven't given up just yet however on my moms side of the family they have been making things a bit difficult because they want me to give up my dreams of attending spelman and go to another school. they said they won't help me unless i transfer and they have been corrupting my moms head cause now she feels as if i should transfer as well.

Replied To: An Angel's Cry ()
On: Aug 10, 2012

Im sorry I'm so late. I've been having a hard time with logging in and I've also been busy trying to get this college stuff done but thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to not only reply but to even read my story. @da shy scorpio

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On: Aug 09, 2012
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