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Young, Black, and Beautiful and Confident is what I am. Goals and success is what I strive for. I am a college student, who will have her Bachelors degree at the end of next year. I am a single mother of a two year who drives me CRAZY, BUT I LOVE. I am ORALEE, the original and will not die a copy. Who do i love-Mr. Neverson-yuuup
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hey luv i see u have a pic with Trey ...i make these books for him of him with his fans. Hit me up if u wanna b in it. u can reach me via twitter at @prays4TREMAINE or email for more info and example of the pages. the deadline is March 16th! and in case u are wondering i give Trey all the books i make for him (this is Vol 4 of these books but in total i've completed 6 books 4 him) hope to hear from ya!

Each page has ur pic with Trey, the date and location of the pic, ur fav albums, fav concert, and a personal message to Trey from u!

also if u could put in the email what ur profile name is (oralee) so i know whom to look for on my list thanx again hope to hear from ya