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I didn't receive an email either and it says they went on sale last Friday What's up with that

On: Oct 25, 2012

I been listening to Chapter V ever since it was available to listen to on I tunes before it came out. By the way I thought that was great to do that. I love every song on this album and is still listening to it everyday since it came out. I kind of feel guilty listening to other songs before listening to Trey first. My favorites are Dive In, Bad Decisions,Heart Attack, 2 Reasons,Forever yours,Panty Wetter and Fumble. I like Fumble because I have been in a situation where the guy fumbled my heart and I did everything he asked me to. So that taught me a lesson and I moved on. I like Never Again and I love Without a Women and Simply Amazing because I wish I could meet someone like you. I love your passion and drive for the music you make and it makes me feel better when I'm going through some things when I listen to you sing. I love the rest of the songs on the album that I did not name including Almost lose it. When I listen to a song I listen to the beat then the lyrics. When I listen to you I love the lyrics you put to the beat which adds a bonus and makes the song even more meaningful.I think you are "Simply Amazing" and I will Always Love you. I fell in love with you all over again when you made this album and I appreciate you for that.Thank you, Love your Angel for life.

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On: Sep 14, 2012

I want to thank you for putting out the music you have done. Every time I hear you speak and say how much love you have for your fans,friends and family touches my heart. It brings me great joy and much love for you even more. Every time I hear a song of yours it makes me feel better and even though some may think its just a song I think of it as being more than that. It's a Comfort to me when I listen to you. I love music and I have a passion for it and I respect what you do. I usually listen to the beat of the song first then the words. Your words are an added bonus to the sound of the music you put it to. I get so emotional when I hear great music and you have done that for me and inspire me. It brings tears to my eyes to see how much you accomplished and to take the time to actually say thank you touches my heart. Im crying now just writing this. I wish you the best and may God continue to bless you

Your fan for life

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On: Aug 29, 2012

I loved it!!!!! All smiles :)

On: Aug 16, 2012
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Trey loved the show in Detroit last night. Love you!