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Khalia McL
About Me: 
I am a young African American female, from Chicago. I represent a lot of great positive movements and I'm extremely talented. I grew up living a very difficult life, but who hasn't? To smooth out my rough past, I participate in the very things that make me happy such as Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Rapping, Photographing, Track & Field, volunteering, etc. I take pride in everything I do because I only believe in focusing on things most passionate to you. I love school more than anything and I attend a Law Enforcement school studying Law Enforcement of course, looking to be a Detective in the Homicide Unit. I love to be involved and music is therapy to my life. Music has saved me and created my individuality. If I'm not singing to it, I'm dancing to it and I've been dancing for 16 years, so my passion is alive in music.
Dance is my life. Singing, Rapping, Poetry, Modeling, Writing, Skating, Photography, Styling clothes, Volunteer work, cooking, cleaning, decorating, planning, and the list goes on and on.
Favorite Bands: 
I have a lot of favorite Solo Artist but growing up there was Immature(IMX), Troop, B2K, B5, St. Lunatics, Green Day, Maroon 5, Cash Money, Diddy w/ mase & biggie, Timbaland Missy, Magoo and Aaliyah, etc
United States
I go by BlacRose as my Stage name from my dance team: House Arrest 2 CDT, Inc. Also ParaMount is my Stage name from my modeling troupe: Picture Perfect Modeling Troupe, Inc. Then there is BossLadii, a name I branded myself with and stayed with for the past years because I always accomplish things I put my mind to and If I want it, I see no reason to not have unless GOD says so. I feel like only Bosses can accomplish those kind of challenges. I honestly have not -not accomplish things I wanted yet.
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