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Hey Trey Songz! I really don't know how to put to words why I am your biggest fan but for you I'll try.. I am your biggest fan because first of all I love what you do. You inspire me. Not only I'm I inspired by the music you make but by everything else you do. Your community involvement, what you do for your Angels, the love you show to your fans and the fact that you respect everybody else in the music industry and you don't put them down. You're not like other artists who do things just for the fame and money. You keep your privacy private and is just doing what you love to do. The way you carry yourself is beyond words. Seeing you through the media with interviews, videos and listening to your songs shows me the kind of man you are which I la laa LOVE.. I am your biggest fan because your music relates to me and my life. I am your biggest fan because I won't lie to you and say I was there supporting you from the beginning.. I wasn't. I wasn't there when Just Gotta Make It came out but I always tell myself that it doesn't matter how long you knew the artist but how much support you put in while you knew the artist. No I haven't been to your concerts because my single mother trying to raise me couldn't afford it. I did though call in flow 93.5 hundreds of times for like 2 weeks trying to get tickets to the Anticipation 2our.. I even got my friends to call for me too. I am your biggest fan because I will get in line August 21, 2012 at the closest store to me to get Chapter V... If you're not going to choose me can you please just come to Toronto for a autograph signing and a concert. I promise I'll go this time.. I love you and what you do, muahh

On: Aug 14, 2012


On: Aug 14, 2012
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