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im so excited missed him on the anticipation 2wo tour because of school but I wont this time #majorlyhype

On: Sep 11, 2012

beautiful performance like usual trey is so cute ,fun,and flirty

On: Sep 11, 2012

chapter v is truly an amazing album and I wouldnt expect anything less from trey you can hear the evolution and maturity/growth on here id have to say my favorite songs are "almost lose it", "playing hard","fumble","heart attack" love all of it though those songs are just the most relatable to my own life and experiences I am really proud of him <3

Replied To: Chapter V Review (Blog)
On: Sep 11, 2012

he did amazing like alwaysssss killed it

On: Jul 26, 2012
On: Oct 03, 2011
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like everyone else on here I love trey songz <3 pink and purple are the colors that represent me ive seen trey in concert 4 times and counting and I am hoping one day to meet him <3
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