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Replied To: TREY TRIVIA (UPDATE) (Blog)
On: Jan 03, 2011
On: Dec 14, 2010

HEY!!! I am attending the D.C. show!!! READY 2 see *TREY* tear it down & 2 see Usher take it NICE 'n SLOW! :) :) :) 26 more dayZ 2 go!!!!!! Leggooo!


On: Nov 20, 2010
Replied To: FAV 5 (Blog)
On: Nov 10, 2010
Replied To: OMG ANGEL MISSION (Blog)
On: Nov 10, 2010
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Trey's #1 fan!!! Numero uno!!!! Nobody can come close to the love I have for Trey so. . .Im just sayin!!!! LoL It is what it is. We're both from the VA, and we both are about family and being efficient, which mean not just getting things done fast but getting things done the right way fast. Time is money why waste either one?! Reigning SupremeAngel :) LOVE
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