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Go on type in Trey Songz, Pre-sale for Charlotte NC is TOMORROW at 10:00! Check this site & your e-mail for the Angel password!

On: Nov 07, 2012

This is sooooooooooooo creative. I love it! I want to see what happened next :)

On: Oct 08, 2012

I check everyday too! I need to know when he's coming to DC so I can put it in my budget :)

On: Oct 07, 2012

Hey Angels! I hope they'll be an Angel Pre-sale this time! That’s how I was able to sit so close at Passion Pain & Pleasure and it was amazing. I couldn't believe how close I was :) But I missed the Anticipation tour I’m a single mother and finances weren't right at the time. :( I was soooooooooooooo upset. But this time I'm going! I'm glad that he's not in DC yet so I can put him in my budget. It was a really hurtful feeling when I couldn't see him last time. I'm not trying to feel like that again.

Replied To: Any DC Angels here? ()
On: Oct 07, 2012

Hey Angel! Welcome! :)

On: Sep 30, 2012
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Poetic Angel Serene
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I am a single mother. My little man is 9 years old, the biggest joy in my life! I’m at my happiest when I’m with him. I also get joy from painting, sketching, writing, listening to music, dancing around my house, and cooking. I love to cook! I’ve worked as a Patient Coordinator/Office Manager at a dental office for several years now. Although it’s not my dream job, it’s a blessing because it helps me provide for my son. The most important dream I’ve had is to be able to raise him in a positive environment and help him fulfill his dreams. And because GOD has blessed me so much, I was able to move us to a better neighborhood. My baby’s in the 4th grade and in the school band! YAY!!!!! He plays the Alto Sax and I couldn’t be prouder. So many told me not to move! They said it would be too hard. They were so negative. All I ever heard was, you shouldn’t or you can’t. I refused to listen or let my son listen. Each day I try to be a better woman. I believe that means loving GOD, trying my best to keep my faith, not being afraid to grow, and staying positive as much as possible. Being Trey’s Angel means a lot to me because of the person I’m supporting. I appreciate the intense passion, the drive, and the talent… the words that are clearly more than just words: so much emotion. He cares and it shows. I always feel as if he’s speaking directly to me. It’s hard to put in exact words… singing & kissing us good night into the camera on ustream. I appreciate it all because he’s genuine. His positivity is always a much needed soothing hug. Thanks Trey! I Love You!
My Art: painting, sketching whatever I'm feeling and writing poetry. When I'm not spending time with my son I'm doing one or the other sometimes both. I've come to realize I need them. If I'm not able to do at least one of them I tend to get a little cranky and stressed. My favorite art medium right now is a black sharpie marker. I like experimenting with the different types of tips. I get lost in the journey of where the piece will end up. I never know exactly where I'm going with it even if an idea pops into my mind it's just an idea. For however long it takes me to finish I'm free from any troubles I may be going through. If I'm happy I notice the piece gets finished a lot faster. My poetry helps me a little differently because it feels like with words I have to relive the good and the bad. So if I don't feel like going to deep into my head, I paint or sketch instead.
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Trey Songz, Beyonce, Prince, Toni Braxton, Minnie Riperton, Pink, Alicia Keys, Bethany Joy Lenz, Whitney Houston, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Sade, Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, TLC, Rhianna
United States
Shannon Quarles
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Yes, send me a tweet on my birthday (for Trey's Angels members only): 
Yes please :) May 25th 1984