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My Great Grandmother has allows said that "Give me my Flowers while i'm still here"...Love you Trey!

Replied To: GIVE TREY ROSES WHILE HE'S HERE (Forum topic)
On: Dec 28, 2011
Replied To: STAR ANGEL (Blog)
On: Jul 19, 2011

Great idea!!! if i was goin i would so do that!! have fun Angels! Luv!

On: Jun 28, 2011

@Michelle B. LOVE!!!

Replied To: My Latest Book...A Prayer Book for Trey (Forum topic)
On: Jun 07, 2011

I'm tryin to have it done by the time I see Trey again...and as always I have to give him the first copy b4 I make it available to every1 else...its still a gift for him. Now the cost that depends on how many ppl are n the book. The site/company makes the price not I and they go on size and how many pages...I'm sure this one will cost more than the Treys Angels book I made last year. However with this book imma make the entire book available to veiw online. Probably won't be able to make a YouTube vid like I did with the other books cause it will b too big. But once the book gets closer to being complete I will let u know the price...any other questions just let me know. Cheers!

Replied To: My Latest Book...A Prayer Book for Trey (Forum topic)
On: Jun 07, 2011
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