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thank you for letting me know that

Replied To: Latest Book...Prayer Book for Trey (Forum topic)
On: May 19, 2011

i must be weird cause i love it when i see Trey bringing chicks on the stage no matter what he does to them!!! i dont get mad or jealous (of course i would want to b up there)... lol but everytime i cheer the chicks on...hey live it up real or not real thats a *chance of a lifetime* GET IT LADIES lmao!!!

Replied To: Trey's 3 Way Kiss On Stage In London (Forum topic)
On: May 03, 2011

@Ninagallow--Thanx hun i loved what u said that was perfect "but i dont know if i can faint lol" btw am i following u on twitter if im now holla at me @prays4TREMAINE

@Tricia thanx luv

On: May 03, 2011

@JesusIsMySavior i wasn't gonna do a separate post. but as a person that did do that (go overseas) sometimes u/I feel like i have to defend myself for doing so. like i said in my 1st post it goes both ways if ppl think you dont do as much (#sidenote: who cares) then u not a true Supporter but if u do travel a lot to see him u doin too much.

i just want to repeat i know this wasnt directed towards me cause i would never tell some1 they not good enough or doin enough...but it just touch real close to home when i read the comments but i try to understood that ppl arent sayin its a bad thing its just that we all have other priorities e.g. ppl have families, children, and we all have BILLS ...but Trust i have a limit as well like a lot of ppl said on here i save up for his shows and the flt overseas was mad possible b/c what i do for a living for those that know what i do.

I personally love seeing the Love ppl show him in their OWN way...and just b/c those ppl that say u not doin enough or a true Supporter how do they know what Trey notices ...its not always the big and elaborate things ppl remember but the smalls things that dont have a hidden objective and thats True with LOVE!

Said it once i'll say it again we here for the same reason to SUPPORT Trey ...whatever why YOU see fit not the person next to u! Luv

PS @Sexyfergieja u funny

On: Apr 25, 2011

2 things i forgot
1) Traveling Angel doesn't just mean going out the country it could be goin 3 or 5 states over u are still paying an extra expense
2) its not a BAD thing that ppl do or can travel to see him. it just sounds like there should b an entire separate discussion defending the ppl that do

ok i'm done

On: Apr 24, 2011
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