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Ok my turn lol...well I am one of those traveling Angels and I guess coincidentally I'm one that went to London to see Trey. I'm just gon say I know the post wasn't directed towards me cause I would never say some1 isn't a true Supporter. I agree that ppl need to grow and just chill. Every1 shows their support n their own way. Just b/c u travel or u go see him everytime he comes ur way doesn't mean that u are any better or worse of a supporter. It kind of goes both ways when u don't go u get told u don't have the same love and if u go too much or do too much u a groupie #f@*kouttahere lol. Ur love is ur love. One person may travel and not do contest (me) and one person my organize meet ups and not do Angels With Hearts. So let ppl b and give how they want we all here for the same reason....Trey-Baby! Oh and @mrscvs_VaAngel I agree with ur post...Luv Baby!....PS I'm writing Trey off on my taxes next year :-)

On: Apr 24, 2011
On: Feb 20, 2011
Replied To: UK WELCOMES TREY (Blog)
On: Feb 16, 2011

oh im already following lol

On: Jan 19, 2011

great idea!! imma follow!

On: Jan 19, 2011
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