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2 more effin so am hype and ready TREY is gonna Kill it i already looking forward to meeting some DC angels as well....Good Luck to all that is participating in the ultimate angel contest....If u angels would like to meet up please hit me on my twitter @dacityqueen...... #C'MOONNNN #YUUUP

On: Dec 15, 2010

Hey Angels!!!! I will be at the show in D.C. on Dec 17th I was at the show in B-MORE (ppp tour) and trey kilt'd it. He was all types of sexy. I think I was thee hypest one that night. I almost left with no voice. I plan on doing the same for this show. Hopefully I can met some new angels that night. See you there..cant wait #angelstatus ...follow me on twitter @dacityqueen...#YUUUP!!!!

On: Dec 07, 2010
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