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i would leave my boyfriend for trey songz... nt becuz of hyz money or da cars or any of da glamour items bt i wld leave meh boyfriend for trey songz becuz he soooooo sexy! i mean who wldn't unless dey hatin or suntin lyke dat i mean hyz tv show tells it all he a hard working man lookin for sumbody to hang wit n call hyz gurl....n if i cld b that gurl then that wld make meh o so happy

On: Jul 02, 2010

for me it would be One Love. cuz dats mii song n it helps yuh unda stand da reall meanin of true love

On: May 04, 2010
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pretty gurl swag
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lyke 2 listen 2 music, watch tv, go 2 da mall, gt on da internet,, n all dat otha gud stuff