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I am a new Trey Songz fan and I just joined this site. Concert was great by the way. I have a question/suggestion. I was on youtube watching one of Trey's videos and I noticed there are alot of songs that he has put out that are not on any of his albums like Upstairs, Flatline, I Want You, Feeling Myself, just to name a few and also the mixtape music as well. Is it possible that these songs be added to the site in some way? Some of these songs may be old but I just recently heard them, I am sure he has some fans here that have probably never heard any of these songs, which are great by the way and should've been on an album.

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On: Sep 05, 2010
On: Aug 24, 2010

I love his eyes and his essence & confidence and of course the music.

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On: Aug 03, 2010
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