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i think its great that your a fan of Trey. He gives some good advice on how fellas should treat a lady. i wonder if he treats he his girl like that.

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On: Dec 12, 2012
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Born in Brooklyn June 22, 1986 studying Business management at Empire State College, but my greatest gift ever are my two children Malique (7) and London (2), raising them as a single parent has been an experience but through the strength of God all things are possible. I'm a hard worker who believes that you must fight for everything in life, even when it seems like nothing is going right just remember your the one who will claim the victory people are just their to watch. I love music, I live it, breath it, move to it. It touches apart of me where I'm able to let out all feelings and keep moving forward even with the tears Trey songs you are definitely a great artist that I admire. Please just don't forget about your fans before the show durning the show and after the show. Your vocals speaks a lot and the sound that you pose captures the unique Trey.
New York
Singing, Writing, Dancing, basketball, swimming, shopping, hanging out with my babies, and more music music and loving the lord.
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Tiffane Moody
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June 22, 1986